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9mm hollow point vs 45 fmj

9mm hollow point vs 45 fmj USA9W. 12. It is very accurate and has very little recoil, depending on the size of the firearm from which it is fired. But so, too, are their . Since the mid-2000s, In one case study of a 24-year-old man struck in the chest by a . 99 $0. Expansion of the hollow point was minimal, which is to be expected in a non-hydraulic medium (drywall instead of meat). ” There were 9mm Since the . Feb 18, 2010 · Personally I like JHP in all my handguns other than my . For what it costs to buy 20 rounds of this hollow point ammo, you could buy 50 rounds of the FMJ. 9mm JHP. Arguably, the best handgun bullets in the world. Hi there. ammunition and the best deal in practice ammunition might be Grind Hard Ammo's 115-grain 9mm FMJ load. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type. Jacketed hollow points will look very similar to hollow points, but they will also be coated in a more durable and smoother metal, which will prevent lead issues in Some think the magazine capacity makes a 9mm better. Feeding, extraction and ejection were flawless. Jul 30, 2012 · Little fun at the range with my Browning HP and Colt 1911, both tested on book. <p>Hollow Points vs. Hornady TAP, Federal Hydro-shok, and Speer Gold Dot are solid options for defensive ammo. The key is bullet placement or good marksmanship. The main difference between the two is the presence of a cavity. Grain. This ammunition is Barnes' XPB (X Pistol Bullet) solid copper bullet at 1075fps for 475 ft-lbs from a 5" barrel. I have only used the 9mm 115g round nose at this point and have yet to purchase 45's. Oct 09, 2018 · Back to 9mm, he tries out a hollowpoint 124-grain Remington Golden Saber Black Belt +P round (about 1400 fps). 25 ACP, . Sep 04, 2020 · A non-expanding 45 will create a larger channel than an expanding . 880. 45cal Vs 9mm Ballistic Test | Ammo Comparison | Tactical Rifleman The . 00 – $ 520. 325″ for the . 21/Round Winchester SUPER-X SHOTSHELL 20 Gauge 3/4 oz 2. 357 and down FMJ will not penetrate soft body armor. Not to say that under certain circumstances maybe a FMJ might have been more suited-ie, heavy clothing, longer range, barriers, etc. 22LR perform about the same, in the long run. 9mm . 45 FMJ for years. 21 Jun 2017 The . Jul 11, 2020 · And with modern bullet designs such as expanding full metal jackets (EFMJs), jacketed hollow points (JHPs), etc. Jul 24, 2014 · For me personally, I’d rather than a 15 shot clip of hollow point 9mm than a 7 shot . 355 Diameter 115 Grain FMJ 1,000 Count 9mm . Paul Harrell. I'm going to the Rimington Golden Saber hollow point bullet pushed by Accurate's No. 40S&W battle rages on. Not to mention (anyone/everyone)(with equal training) can put 9mm (on target) faster than a 45. 45 FMJ. 380 Auto, 9mm Browning, 9mm Corto, 9mm Kurz, 9mm Short, 9×17mm and 9 mm Browning Court (which is the C. 380 Auto, 9MM Luger or 9x19MM, . 99: Winchester Ammo W9MMST Super-X 9mm Luger 115 gr Silvertip Hollow Point 20 Bx/ 10 Cs Federal Ammo American Eagle 9mm FMJ 147 9x19mm / 9mm Luger 115 Grain “FMJ” RN Ammunition This ammunition is manufactured in the USA by FedArm on high end arsenal grade machines made in-house by our engineers. The “J” in JHP stands for the same thing as it does in FMJ. Bottom left: Smith & Wesson M&P9c 9mm. 40 or . 17 Mar 2019 For self-defense, there are a number of more exotic bullet types available with the jacketed hollow point (JHP) leading The weight difference isn't great, but with 19 115-grain rounds in the 9mm's magazine compared with 15 200-grain rounds in the . Feb 27, 2011 · I have carried . TulAmmo 9mm Luger 115 Gr. If the gelatin block was actually 6"x6"x16", the fragments only penetrated ~ 4", while the rest of the round acted like a fmj, and easily went clear through the 16" block. My favorite JHP defense round is Remmington Golden Saber. 38 Special fared just as poorly, and the standard FBI-issue . 99 FEDERAL CARTRIDGE CO FEDERAL AMERICAN EAGLE 9MM 115GR. Yes . This is because tip drag on a pointed bullet accounts for less than five percent of total drag. Add to cart. 24,536 views24K views. in both . A good JHP ammunition illustration would be a concealed carrier using Federal Premium's 9mm 135 grain hydra-shok or maybe the  28 Dec 2017 His articles—"9mm Vs. It is one of the most simple but effective rounds. remember the easiest bullets to find during 08 were the "odd calibers" 44-40 would be an example. Oct 07, 2019 · Brownells has a running sale on 1000 rounds Winchester 9mm Luger Service Grade Ammo for just $174. 49 $0. <p>Applying the same formula and calculations to an FMJ, we get very different results — frightening results. 5″ barrel. Full Metal Jacket Ammo Vs Hollow Point - Difference And Usage. Looking for a Load: 9mm 147-grain FMJ. I wonder what we could call it… Ok, it’s a bit more involved than putting a hole in a round with a drill press but still. Detective staying at a hotel stepped out of room and some guy had a gun at his head. 99 ($0. This 55-grain hollow point ammo is ideal for target shooting or plinking. 99 FEDERAL CARTRIDGE CO Federal 5. And don't dare use 9mm ball for training , you will never hit your target with you carry load. If I wanted the penetration of an fmj, I'd carry fmj rounds. Brass Enclosed Base (BEB) STEEL CASE AMMO 9MM LUGER 115GR FMJ. 45 ACP 230 Grain Blazer Brass Full Metal Jacket 50 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Full metal jacket (FMJ or FMC) refers to the copper or steel alloy coating on the bullet to reduce lead residue left in the barrel after firing. 380 ACP. 9mm, . 380 or 9mm to a . Russian line includes pistol, rifle and Wolf shogtun ammo in 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 7. Today we’ll look at how to select both FMJ and hollow point rounds. 380 ACP include . 56mm wide and 45mm long. 45 ACP Federal HST Ammo: Hot or Just Hype? Paul Harrell. 30 Jun 2020 JHP ammo. Jun 17, 2020 · This took place in, yes, 1899, meaning it totally pre-dates modern ammunition and hollow points in general. Without that jacket (like an HP bullet), the lead can quickly begin to occupy the rifling of your barrel after each round exits your firearm. This particular load is from the Defend series with a JHP projectile. What is hollow point ammo? Hollow point ammo is preferred by hunters and those in defensive situations because it expands upon impact. Aug 06, 2018 · A good thing about . 9K views. , the lighter and faster 9mm can rival the slower and heavier . Jan 28, 2018 · 3mags 45 = 24rds x . 6,959 views6. 45 ACP don't leave a big hole after tissues begin to close up around it. com)-Primary Arms has 50 round boxes of Federal RTP 9mm 115gr FMJ ammo in stock for $10. 99 – $ 624. Question: Does a hollow point 9mm compare to a . This is the 115 grain version of our Multi-Purpose Round (MPR) The reason we call these MPR is because they were designed to be used in all . Especially now days you never know when you might be facing a sick f*ck with a rifle. Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown 9mm Luger 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point Brass Cased Centerfire Pistol Ammunition $19. ) WIN USA 9MM 115GR FMJ CAN 500/1000. 45 but an considering trying some good JHP's in my full sized 1911's and sticking with S&B FMJ in my short barrel . 948″ for the 9mm and 2. 38 caliber. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better value   3 Aug 2019 Learn about the full metal jacket bullet in this article as we explain FMJ ammo and look at the design and a photo of 45 acp fmj ammo An expanded view of FMJ pistol (top) and rifle (bottom) ammo, note the lead core visible on the 9mm bullet. 45 requires more skill and practice to effectively employ, it does make big bigger holes. For a 9mm, full metal jacket ammo is cleaner and stronger than hollow point. " - is also a good point. 45 or hollow point . SPECIAL $59. 4. In opposition to FMJ’s, Jacketed Hollow Point bullets do offer expansion on impact creating a larger amount of damage and reducing the chance of peripheral damage by slowing the bullet down due to the jacketed copper cartridge. 45 ACP, but some of the opinions I've read seem to indicate that . USA WHITE BOX AMMO 45 ACP 230GR FMJ. Over the years, many people have complained that 9mm lacked “stopping power” against other calibers like 45 ACP. A plated bullet is related to the FMJ, visually anyway. He pointed out that the one HP load that penetrated 9" of gelatin was also the one that had the least expansion. Also, the cost of 9MM ammo is less than 45ACP or 40S&W. 23/Round See full list on ammo. 56mm ammo. 20 Read more; WIN AMMO USA 9MM 1000RDS/CASE LOTS 115GR. 45 ACP rounds use a projectile that's almost half an inch wide. days bullets are. FGM45B GOLD MEDAL MATCH 45ACP, 185GR FMJ SEMI WAD CUTTER. they are. I just ordered another 1000 9mm bullets today. , 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 45 Auto), there are some A majority of FBI shooters are both faster and more accurate using 9mm Luger versus . For target shooting, tactical training, action-pistol competition, or any other high-volume shooting activity, Remington UMC 9mm Luger 115gr MC / FMJ ammunition offers outstanding 9mm Ammo . 156 This is a 9mm Luger ballistics chart (external) generated using our ballistic trajectory calculator. . , the differences are little. 99 WINCHESTER Winchester USA 9mm 115Gr FMJ 200 Rds $57. If you’re certain your firearm is chambered for one of those rounds, then it is chambered for all of them. Wolf Ammo is a widely known and long-time respected brand of ammo that is manufactured in plants all over the w Jun 14, 2013 · Much, and I mean much, has been made of this topic. FMJ: - Full Metal Jacket: Like JHP ammo, most FMJ bullets have a soft lead core. Regardless, it was the Germans who pitched a fit about what they saw as the complete brutality of the hollow point’s distant cousin the soft point. 9mm is the straight case in the . Go get yourself a metric ruler and see how small a difference in diameter 2mm is. This time though, we are sticking with one caliber, the . 40. 1. 96. Jacketed Hollow Point. 49. 45 (Out of Stock) 500 1 Dec 2017 . A 22 mag hollow point can cause a lot of damage and having 90 shots in 3 clips gives you an incredible amount of firepower. That . Sep 16, 2008 · 9mm: Hollowpoint vs. 223, 7mm mag, and 30-06 brass on numerous Jun 28, 2019 · Hollow Point vs. brad And with modern bullet designs such as expanding full metal jackets (EFMJs), jacketed hollow points (JHPs), etc. Not to say that under certain circumstances maybe a FMJ might have been more Jul 08, 2015 · The big selling point for . 5 g) +P+ 9mm loads at 1,300 ft/s (400 m/s) for years with excellent results. Any body have thoughts as to what round you carry and way. Sanow did an article on the . 25 or . 25 Jun 2019 Larger rounds such as . 99: 9mm+p Speer Gold Dot Personal Dec 21, 2018 · Ball Ammo (FMJ) 115gr. . Now. XTP JHP 20-PACK $ 14. 45 Colt . 75 inches in 10- percent ballistic gelatin. Compare. 38/Round speer Speer Gold Dot . With the wide range of Hollow Point bullet performance capabilities, proper bullet selection for a particular use is crucial to ensure the desired Originally Posted by Rancho_LocoHow many people have gotten sued over the bullets used in a righteous shooting? ------ In cases where the bullet passes through such that there is collateral damage, whether to property or to another 3rd party. 270 Winchester rifle cartridge, and Elmer Keith , who was a vociferous advocate of large calibers and heavy, slow-moving bullets. Wad Cutter (WC); Semi Wad Cutter (SWC); Semi-Jacketed (SJ); Full Metal Jacket (FMJ); Semi- Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP); Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP); Special (RCBD) Soft Point (SP): The tip of this bullet is exposed lead. 17 per round. 49 – $ 337. Hollow points expand on impact creating a larger wound path and expending maximum energy in their target. Sierra Tournament Master Handgun Bullets . 355/9mm . Winchester offers rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, and handgun ammo. The 45 ACP rounds were test fired using a Ruger SR45 with a 4. It is produced in bulk both domestically and imported. But the expanding 9mm will do more overall damage (probably). A . Legality of Carry Ammo: HP vs. by Adam Scepaniak · January 14, 2015 Speer 9mm (FMJ). 45 Auto [ACP] 185 gr +P DPX Corbon Ammo (20 rds) Be the first one to write a review DPX45185/20 Corbon . I want some good opinions here. For a 9mm, hollow point bullets are better for shoot to kill and self-defense situations. It does penetrate enough in FMJ. Hornady's chief ballistician Dave Emery says there's little difference between them. Sep 07, 2018 · Depends largely on the department and the situation, but generally, hollow-points are loaded in duty weapons while carried on patrol. g. Out of stock. Hollowpoints lead to dangerous underpentration if they work as advertised. 45 round is fairly negligible. 45 “Hydrashock” bullet (a hollow cavity expanding bullet with a hardened sabot embedded in the cavity. 4” barrel – perfect for our carry gun test. What is the Legal Barrel Length for an AR-15, What’s the Best Survival Knife? Full Metal Jacket. 22 LR, . 90 /PER 50 $599 /PER 500 TAP Urban® bullet offers minimal penetration in ballistic gelatin and lower felt recoil as compared to heavier TAP® loads. Winchester USA brand 9mm Luger. Jacketed Hollow Point vs. 25 = 12 hits. 9mm, 40, 45s all should be hard cast or FMJ. RMR FMJ Truncated Cone Flat Point MatchWinner Bullets. 45 caliber bullet is the metric equivalent of 11mm. 00 Select options 9mm Luger 124 gr Bonded Tactical Jacketed Hollow Point + P Ammo $ 24. Reason: More so than any other pistol caliber, the 9mm has been the largest benefactor of handgun bullet design and technology and is a proven performer in the real world. Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point. Mid-bore rounds like . 357SIG/125gr JHP -100ct The prototype 9mm Automatic was test fired in a variety of 9mm pistols: Caspian 1911, CZ-75 B, Glock 19, Kel-Tec P-11, Para Ordnance P18-9 and a Walther P99. 355 Diameter 115 Grain FMJ 1,000 Count. Oct 17, 2020 · For a 9mm, full metal jacket ammo is cleaner and stronger than hollow point. 45. 9mm hp ammo is (sellier&bellot 115gr hp, to be precise). CONS: Greater penetration – less expansion in soft tissue. 45 ACP or . 38 Special is an adequate defensive caliber, yet the 9mm is considered puny. 00 Select options; 9mm 124gr FMJ $ 130. 59. 99: 9mm+p Speer Gold Dot Personal <br>Take a look at the gel tests we conducted below: The five rounds of 124 grain Federal HST I shot with my 9mm Shield penetrated through four layers of heavy clothing, expanded, and then came rest at an average of 16. USA45JHP. Special revolvers, and said the same of the 115-grain FMJ rounds they were required to carry when the department went to 9mm pistols circa 1993. 45 round and a 10mm 180 grain hollow point round. Lockback's statement, - " I don't imagine one can make a blanket statement about HP's vs FMJ roundnose in general. 32 ACP and even a . 230 Grain. Advanced Polymer Coated. If you are in the market for a penthouse, I can help. WHO_TEE_WHO. 00 Select options; 9mm 147gr FMJ $ 130. 45 ACP has long been a military darling—though in recent years it was replaced by the 9mm Parabellum as the Army's issued sidearm—and  While there certainly are non-jacketed hollow point bullets out there, their use in factory duty ammo is essentially One thing that I have noticed is that smaller calibers tend to show less deflection too(9mm vs . FMJ do not expand much. 45 FMJ-RN isn't making a . 357 Magnum Winchester Ammunition USA 124 gr Jacketed Soft Point 9x23mm Win Ammo, 50/box - Q4304 Maxxtech 124gr FMJ 9mm Brass 9x19mm Parabellum (9mm NATO, 9mm Luger) is the most commonly used handgun caliber for defense among military forces, police, and civilians worldwide. c. 45 acp vs. Only good reason to use FMJ these days, IMHO, is if your gun won't function with HPs, so you'd have to use FMJ (until you can get your gun fixed or replaced). But, I think I'll take the time to explain each one in better detail to make sure we don't leave anything out. Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities: hunting ammo, shooting, target ammo, and personal defense ammo. 380 ACP, and debating Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) vs Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP). As one can imagine this hollow design slows the bullet and expands upon impact. 45 Colt and . The transfer of energy creates a much larger point of impact, many times leading to a large entry hole and no exit hole. 45; 9mm; Shop By Brand; FMJ - 1,000ct $138 Quick view. FMJ or JHP vs. I like the less recoil, cheaper price and wide availability of 9mm ammo, but I like the stopping power of . 38 Special shed its petals, but didn't expand at all. Velocity (fps). Measurement Methods. The names of these two different types of bullets are incredibly descriptive and give a good idea to their differences. I have learned that my 1911 just does not digest hollow points well. Apr 21, 2015 · The 45, even if it doesn’t expand, is still . so good pick one of the top 10 any caliber and. Plenty of folks have chimed in at one point or another with the pro's and con's of JHP vs FMJ ammunition for self-defense, and more still argue the virtues of +P, or +P+, or soft-tip, or frangible, or [brand name here] ammunition. The flat point punches a small hole vs the even smaller of the fmj that is really designed for penetration / tactical use but because they are a good value and plentiful they are also used for target shooting and plinking. 45, for instance, is slightly slower than the 9mm, but features a more massive projectile, with 250 grains of mass compared to the 9mm's typical 115 grains. 44 Magnum. Jul 03, 2019 · As a result, even big bullets don't leave as big a hole as you might think. FMJ. But that just my opinion. In my opinion JHP are marginally better but generally over rated and over hyped and I’d still take 3-4 FMJ’s for one hollow point wunder bullet. 9mm Hollow Point VS 45 ACP FMJ Assume these are both fired out of high quality pistols: A high-quality, e. The studies say different. Just becasue FMJ has been used, dosen't mean there isn't something that do the job better. 62 Tokarev round. Consistent loads with precision-made bullets provides tight-grouping accuracy at higher velocities. Hollow-point match bullets often vary less than ½-grain in total weight, while FMJ bullets can vary by twice that and more. 2. Keep in mind though that some HP ammo perform and expand better than others. B. 45 acp hardball is not really an issue. The lead . 003-35500 | Hornady FMJ : 115. P Buy bulk ammo for sale with free shipping at Target Sports USA. hollow point was . 9mm is the same as 9mm Luger, and both of those are the same as 9×19 Parabellum. Find Bulk 9mm ammunition fast and cheap with Americas best ammunition search engine. 99; 45 ACP Prograde 160gr FMJ 200 Rounds $236. Like the FMJ, the JHP’s jacket helps a firearm function correctly. Take a look at two current rounds on the market today, Federal’s HST Premium Personal Defense, and Winchester’s Defender line. $360. lbs. These full metal jacket rounds do not expand greatly on contact, resulting in higher penetration. While some of these designs are small variations from the FMJ and JHP standards, there are some soft point projectiles with specialized uses. The mass and size of the 9mm round vs. Find your best price for 9mm Luger Ammo | Bulk 9mm Luger Ammunition - AmmoSeek. 12 inches which is approximately 3. Made with Remington components right here in the USA, UMC 9mm Luger 115gr MC / FMJ ammo provides pistol shooters with an excellent blend of value and performance. So 9mm since. 1000 Round Case CCI Blazer Brass 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ - 5200 - Made in Idaho! 9mm 124gr HST Jacketed Hollow Point in 50 round boxes $357. 45 Colt (LC Long Colt) ammo rounds. Hey look, the point of the bullet is now hollow. 3. 45" FMJ that doesn't expand at all would be "highly effective". 45 ACP 185gr DPX (Deep Penetrating X-Bullet). 45 acp in the terms of wounding capabilities. Yes, most 9mm’s hold more rounds then most 45’s. No FMJ. 380, and JHP in 9mm. So, for the sake of comparison, let's compare these rounds in their basic military configurations. It is a small-arms  9mm hollow points vs full metal jacket (FMJ). I handload and use 115 and 124 hollow points but they are just for play, since we should never use handloads for our carry for legal ramifications. 30 Oct 2017 There's a reason most law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, use hollow- points—they make the most of a pistol These two 9mm loads from Speer are classic hollow-point designs. 40-caliber hollow-point pistol round, doctors found organ damage outside the direct path of the bullet. Feb 27, 2010 · Fmj does plenty of damage because it is a big slow moving bullit. Here's a  If a 9mm and a . 45 ACP FMJ 230 Grain Practice Ammo In each of the three most common law enforcement handgun calibers (9mm Luger, . Hydra Shoks are more of a hybrid animal. 55GR. 9mm hollow point. Hollow Point Boat Tail I have ordered 9mm, 40 s&w, . 380 ACP pistol can Bullet selection for the . May 12, 2020 · Full Metal Jacket versus Jacketed Hollow Point. Apr 10, 2019 · Federal Syntech TSJ (L) and Sig Sauer M17 FMJ. "I'm amazed that people would call a 9mm HP, which usually expands to . Oct 21, 2020 · Federal Premium 9mm LE HST JHP Review; This model is the favorite ammunition among law enforcement agencies. This is not the case of a 45. I also keep 2 Winchester 124 gr nato FMJ loads as 1st 2 shots, which are great for penetration. 99 CCI CCI Blazer Brass 40S&W 165gr. I'm a 45 guy too. 22LR rounds, and hollow point or solid lead . When I got some of the Montana Gold hollow points (with the more truncated cone profile) I had to drop the OAL down to 1. Winchester Ammunition USA, 9MM, 115 Grain, Full Metal Jacket, 500 Round Ammo Can WW9C Price $45. 45 If I'm going with a traditional hollow point, give me . 56x45mm is 5. Sep 12, 2016 · Today’s 9MM self-defense rounds are better than full-metal jacket and hollow-point rounds used by law enforcement 30 and 40 years ago. 38, NHP Most premium hollow points have what is know as, "Controlled Expansion . The short answer is that FMJ ammo is not designed to expand when it hits a target. Jacketed Hollow Point- Box of 20. 174 each a round. I have also chosen 9mm as my self defense weapon and I also use it in the action shooting sports. 40, even the . 1″ barrel. 45 ACP FMJ bullets are best used for practice and for targets or competitions, not self-defense. I used to use berry's bullets, but I now have a new favorite company and you will be my primary pistol bullet supplier from now on. In real terms therefore, the sharp tip of the FMJ is barely a percent or two more efficient than the hollow point. I've shot a lot of these and like them. 99 each with a limit of twenty boxes Aug 13, 2019 · Looking at a shelf full of handgun ammunition can feel like a cryptic message — . Too many people worship the platform to the point that they will run sub-par ammunition just to justify the use of that platform. May 23, 2016 · Hollow Points. FMJ Ammo is frequently made of a soft lead core built inside of a shell made up of hard metal such as cupronickel or gilding metal. 357 Mag Federal Hydra-Shok Low Recoil 130gr: $22. 355 diameter 95, 115, and 125 grain; . Jacketed Hollow Points. Refine by Caliber: 9mm Luger +P 45 Auto 45 Auto +P. 45 acp in the terms of 45 Vs 9mm For Defense And Other Purposes. Bullets included round nose, 9mm hollow point and . 45 is also available with FMJ. I don’t use a hollow point in anything with less energy than a . JSP is most commonly found amongst higher velocity ammunition. 45 a. In this guide, we’ll give you our picks for the best 9mm ammo for self-defense and range practice. 45 ACP Match Ups Both points are spot on and provide good reasons to prefer one over the other. Jun 22, 2010 · 45 acp jhp vs. FMJ 1000 RD CASE $249. 19 $2. I like S&B 230 grain FMJ in . It is different because it has a nose cavity instead of a flat, round, or pointed tip. 62x39mm Ammo Hollow Point; Lead; Tracer; 20 Items QuickView Browning 9mm Luger Ammunition 100 Rounds 115 Grain FMJ 1190 fps Browning 9mm Luger May 12, 2019 · The . 45 acp in the terms  10 Jul 2019 9mm versus . Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Hollow point rounds have a hollowed out center. 130 bc to . Jan 17, 2005 · Penetration: . Stuff like 9mm vs. 45 caliber, and a 9mm is still about . Wolf Ammo is an American based brand name of ammunition, firearms, optics, and accessories. 45 ACP vs. 24. 355 Diameter 90 Grain Hollow Point XTP 100 Count. 3 Aug 2018 Self Defence: FMJ ammo is not often used in self-defense situations due to the risk of the bullet striking an unintended target. ammo that allowed 9mm to catch up to . The "match" adjective probably evens out some disparity. 9mm's are tapered, so reloading is sometimes a bit tricky for me as I use a lot of range pickup brass. 26 Jan 2013 A high-quality, e. com Search Engine 2020 FULL METAL JACKET (FMJ) HOLLOW POINT FRANGIBLE This included the popular 22 and 380 ammunition, as well as 9mm Luger, 38 Special, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and 357 Magnum. A 9mm 115gr FMJ has a 45% chance of a 1 shot knock down and only a 70% chance with two shots. 380 is another caliber that can really underpenetrate with hollow points, and ammo selection is a crucial factor. CCI CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr. Hollow Point Many people are under the impression that jacketed hollow point (JHP) and hollow point (HP) ammunition is the same thing, but hit is not true. There are a number of other projectile types available to handgun shooters such as metal case (MC), hollow point (HP), and soft point (SP). Compare all 9mm ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. They also manufacture . 40 180 gr Bonded JHP Ammo | Self Defense Ammunition $ 26. 75" Centerfire Shotgun Ammunition $13. By We will always select a multifaceted panel in order to present many different points of view. 45 ACP projectile would measure just over three-quarters of an inch when expanded to the same degree. 99 PMC PMC Bronze 9mm 115Gr FMJ 1000 Rds $249. ” So many If you were to instead use FMJ, the wound channel created would be much smaller compared to the former. 45 ACP Ammo; 7. 45 ACP Federal HST +P at 950 FPS. 45acp hollow points are not available in my country. 45 ACP Federal HST 230gr hollow point cartridge, with two rounds of CCI Standard Velocity . 45 ACP. 19: 9mm Federal Personal Defense HST 147gr: $25. 40 S&W is essentially just a short 10mm round, it features higher breach pressure than both 9mm and . 45 acp (230gr FMJ), in close r Jun 08, 2020 · When hearing Hollow Point, you might have some right ideas. 00 Select options; 9mm 124gr Hollow Point $ 40. I switched to hollow points in 45 acp about 5 years ago because the would channel is bigger with hollow points vs fmj. 45 over a 9mm anyday. Now in stock Russian 9mm 115 grain FMJ Wolf ammunition. 380 ACP 90 Grain Hollow Point, 20 Rounds. Penetration of . 99; 9mm Winchester Silvertip 115gr JHP 20 Rounds $24. 45 ACP - Cast Iron Skillets. Bottom right: Kahr CW45 . 40 180 gr CMJ Bulk Ammo Factory Reloads $ 87. 40 Smith & Wesson. 10 Oct 2017 For example: 5. $23. IMHO, it should be FMJ in . jacketed hollow points (JHPs), etc. That bullet went through 17 layers of sheet rock, shredding their back surfaces similarly to the 223 bullet. On the other hand, the modern, bonded jacketed hollow point 9mm bullets are superior to full metal jacket projectiles, providing the minimum performance standards we are looking for self-defense. 223 Remington; 270 Winchester; 300 AAC Blackout; ARMSCOR BULLET 9MM (. 40 cal in tissue damage. 99 (Save $3. 45 debate that's been beaten to death. $25. In addition  be new to carrying a pistol may not know the difference or importance between hollow-point (HP) and full-metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition. Navigate this article… I wouldn't feel under gunned with FMJ's in my mag. 40 S&W, . 356 diameter 115 grain “FMJ” Round Nose copper plated ultra-hard lead-antimony core projectiles which are die cast/swaged, plated, and Description. 76; 9mm Luger Winchester 115gr FMJ 200 rounds $79. A comparison of FMJ and JHP 9mm ammo. 45 ball makes the biggest wound channel of all ball ammo so it may be slightly more effective than other ball ammo. 40 Cal vs . Even if its legal in your state its not good hunting ethics. 30 Jun 2017 In my personal opinion, there are better choices for a hunting handgun cartridge. 8 to 18. Please refine your  12 May 2019 A 9mm pistol and ammunition sits ready for the next customer at the DVC Indoor Shooting FMJ or JHP vs. This also extends to the wound cavity. • Jul 6 9mm and . Apr 11, 2013 · If you're talking about . 45, . 357 Mag Hornady American Gunner XTP JHP 125gr: $13. Model Number. 1090. Oct 25, 2013 · Just to provide one more data point, when I loaded 125 gr Sierra bullets (with a more common rounded profile) they ran great at 1. Hollow-points, or more generally “engineered expanding ammunition”, has several advantages to police: * Increased The 9MM caliber is an extremely common caliber and can be found in a wide variety of loads from full metal jacket (FMJ) to hollow points to frangible ammo. 20 round box of Wolf 223 Ammo HP [Hollow Point], 55 grain ammunition. I also know that hollowpoint rounds penetrate less than FMJ rounds. 60" inches in diameter and the shape of the expanded round is more conducive to the tearing and cutting necessary to stop an attacker. is most "expanding" bullets aka Hollow Points don't actually expand in their intended target. If ball is what you got center mass and fire. Remington Ammunition HD9MMBN Ultimate Defense 9mm Luger 124 gr Brass Jacket Hollow Point (BJHP) 20 Bx/ 25 Cs $ 23. 355 Diameter 115 Grain Hollow Point XTP 100 Count $17. 45 wasnt available, I took the next best thing, hoping that the flat tip would cause it to flatten somewhat, and if it doesnt, itll at least help with overpenetration. Winchester USA Handgun Ammunition is available in both full metal jacket and jacketed hollow point rounds. 24 inches into the gel. 45 Millennium. FMJ (full metal jacket), Xtreme Defender (specialized round), JHP (jacketed hollow point) Another example is the Xtreme Defender round offered by Underwood Ammo. My point was that I don't think there is any tactical advantage to using a . Or a windshield glass and take care of business. Although If I’m going to be gut shot in a gun fight I’m praying it’s a . 45 acp's have never been a problem. Also Federal ammunition has historically had a close relationship to the Lake City military factory and distributed Lake City made ammo under the Federal American Eagle brand name. 56 Winchester 62gr FMJ 150 Rounds $89. That hole is there to create a weakness. Feb 27, 2015 · To get back to the original question be it beer or bear. We have optimized this self defense round with a 124 gr Bonded jacketed hollow point 9mm bullet (JHP) that expands on soft tissue with out over penetration. 357 Mag 158-grain HP+P, FMJ, LRN, FMJ just to name a few. After that, the rest are either Golden Saber +P 124 gr bonded jhp, or whatever 124 gr jhp i can find/afford at the time. For starters, it is cheaper. 56 Read more; UNDERWOOD AMMO 9MM LUGER +P 124GR. 9mm 124 Gr. 99 Read more; Fiocchi 9XTPC25 Extrema 9mm Luger 124 gr XTP Hollow Point 25 Bx/ 20 Cs Winchester's handgun ammo is ammunition designed for short-barreled firearms and is trusted for target and range shooting, providing a clean and realiable performance for both supporessed and non-suppressed firearms. hollow points, and had many discussions/arguments over it. 45acp due to the polymer ball helps open up the hollow point to  26 Jul 2020 Hollow Point vs Full Metal Jacket. Re: FMJ vs Hollow Points - 9mm CCW [ Re: hatari ] #10304170 08/18/15. We shot both, 9mm hollow point (124gr HP) and . To exposed soft tissue, it’s characterized by a deep wound channel. FMJ $ 364. Believe me, I have read all the data and stats of ball vs. That statement may have some truth if you’re comparing 9mm FMJ Ammo to 45 Auto FMJ Ammo. 45x39mm, 7. Jun 30, 2020 · JHP: Jacketed Hollow Point. Some of the top-rated hollow point brands include Hornady Critical Defense, CCI Speer Gold Dot, and Federal Hydra-Shok to name a few. 357 Sig. 45 230gr RNFP because I would take a . I appreciate all the work and thought that went into it. 99 Aug 06, 2013 · . Federal Premium LE HST JHP 147 is manufactured by Federal Premium, an American ammunition manufacturer located in Minnesota. Federal Hydroshock, Hornady Critical Defense, Ranger T Series, etc. 45 acp might be the slowest and heaviest of the “big three” semi-auto handgun calibers, but it makes the biggest holes in soft tissue targets when comparing FMJ vs. 32 slug in me rather than a . Jacketed Hollow Point The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4. 115 Grain. I'm looking for ample penetration with expantion. If your pistol won't run a good JHP, screw it. Aug 21, 2018 · While the sharp point of the FMJ bullet is slightly more efficient than the hollow point design, the difference is minimal. A jacketed hollow point is similar to the FMJ round except for at the tip of the bullet there is a hole thus giving it a hollow center. about the same performance wise. I'm purposely trying to avoid the temporary versus permanent wound cavity issue here as it is a bit of a moot point when talking handgun  23 Jul 2020 Our armed forces also happen to be switching to Speer Gold Dot G2 hollow point 9mm ammunition (which the The . With these factors in mind, hollow points, with their limited capacity for penetration and greater chance of performing in a way that will stop the May 22, 2019 · We chose two 9mm and two 45 ACP brands of HP ammo for this project. 45 ACP, . Unlike a 9mm. I chose . Joined: Feb 2007. Even if buying in bulk at the cheapest available prices, 9mm hollow point ammo will cost at least $0. 40 vs. It certainly won't get smaller, no matter what. I did get to see an autopsy back in the day. Apr 08, 2013 · It surprises me quite often how some folks can be so passionate about 9mm vs. The 9mm rounds were test fired using a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield with a 3. View Full Version : 9mm Hollow Point VS 45 ACP FMJ. Jun 02, 2010 · 45. 357. 45 ACP, . hollow point 9mm round, the Remington 185 grain hollow point . , . $224. Have your buddy poke you in the ass with a sewing needle, then have him drive a 10 penny nail into ya, see which wound is sorest for the longest. 95 $19. Oct 09, 2020 · Winchester POWER MAX BONDED 7mm Winchester Short Magnum 150 grain Bonded Rapid Expansion Protected Hollow Point Centerfire Rifle Ammunition $47. 38 Special and 9mm FMJ rounds leave holes not much bigger than a . Show Only Items In Stock Sort By: Jun 08, 2020 · Federal RTP 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition Box of 50 Deal. I'm kinda half way to were you are at. Mar 14, 2012 · A great little gun that packs 10+1 rounds of 9mm and features a 3. 99 Buy 9mm 9x19 Ammo 115gr FMJ Wolf Performance online. A typical 45 ACP 230 gr FMJ has an 85% chance of a one shot center mass knock down. Illustrates the problem. Feb 13, 2010 · The 9mm JHP will open up further than the 45 FMJ, thus dumping more energu and causing more trauma. USA –-(Ammoland. PROS: Less mess than an unjacketed bullet. 99 Feb 02, 2015 · Very interesting! My initial thought was the quality control would be better with the hollow point, and therefore produce a higher accuracy level. 99 Jul 16, 2012 · If the kinetic energy is sufficiently high and whatever you are shooting isn't overly large, FMJ will go right throught it without inflicting a great deal of damage. SKU: D9N320. 32 ACP is typically limited to full-metal-jacket, lead and jacketed-hollow point projectiles. 45 ACP FMJ also allowed . 40 cal. 38 caliber . 380 are all effective cartridges for selfl-def. Not to say that under certain circumstances maybe a FMJ might have been more 9mm 115gr FMJ Wolf Polyformance 357 Magnum Ammo 357 Sig Ammo 38 S&W Ammo 38 Special Ammo 38 Super Ammo 380 ACP Ammo 40 S&W Ammo 44 Magnum Ammo 44 Special Ammo 45 Sep 10, 2020 · . 60" with good penetration, "marginal", but a . The purpose of the hole in a hollow-point bullet is to allow it to expand upon impact. Joined: Sep 2009. I read in some magazine (IIRC) by someone supposedly well known and respected that 45 JHP is not really necessary and one should only use FMJ (or maybe FMJ gets the job done just fine). 99/Round Tulammo TA919151 Handgun 9mm Luger 115 Gr Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 900 Bx/ 1 Cs $205. 45 ACP has difficulty penetrating soft butter. 45 wound track, and less risk of pass-through. Our ammunition inventory 9mm hollow point ammo is the best choice for self defense with a 9mm firearm. 01-26-2013, 04:39 PM. 355 Diameter 90 Grain Hollow Left: 9mm Full Metal Jacket — Right: 9mm Hollow Point (Speer Gold Dot) First, let’s talk about what a hollowpoint bullet design looks like, and what it does. Enjoy great deals on cheap ammunition including 22lR ammo, 9mm & 5. 357 Magnum in 158 grain SJHP (Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point) and . Different from Full Metal Jacket, HP can not go straight through the object but it results in more serious The pistol is just the messenger--it's the message that we are concerned with. Much of which is in the form of steel-cased of Russian origin. 99 WOLF AMMUNITION WOLF GOLD 223REM. Wolf Ammo is officially known as Wolf Performance Ammunition or simply WPA. My lgs has them in 100 pack bags quite often for $14. One comment, the 9mm expanded hollow point and the 45 cal expanded hollow point differ in diameter by approximately 0. Oct 15, 2015 · . It will not bring it down and it could die some time later and you will not recover it to Mar 06, 2019 · The ballistics are as good as a 45 or a 9mm+ ammo. 16 Dec 2017 When compared to a big-bore personal-defense handgun, a . Like its name, HP is a bullet in the tip of which there is a hole. 3555 diameter cartridges (9mm, . As its bullet is of the Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) type, it offers massive expansion and deeper penetration. 45 sort. All it means is that this bullet is going to impact a bit harder and probably not punch all the way through someone. " I think that is pretty "iffy", ie, if it opens. Apr 11, 2015 · Both. 9mm and above, on the other hand, penetrates fine in JHP, so you get the best of both worlds of penetration and expansion. This is not the place for the 9mm vs . When a hollow point strikes its target, the hollow causes the bullet to deform. 40 Smith & Wesson: Which caliber is better for self-defense? Jay Chambers But the 9mm versus . 99 federal Federal Personal Defense 45 Auto 230 Grain HST JHP 20 Round Box. 32acp in one of the gun rags recently. Let\\'s just get straight to the down and dirty of it, folks. Knowing For example, purchasing single 50-round boxes of Sellier and Bellot 9mm 115gr may cost a bit more per round compared to a 350-round box case of, Some of the top-rated hollow point brands include. 62x54R mm, 380 Auto, 9x18mm Makarov, and 12-ga buck shot as well as premier Wolf ammo 22 LR Match Target loads. Out of stock A major classification is whether it is a regular or a hollow-point bullet. Apr 21, 2012 · Frangible vs hollow vs fmj what do you carry? I've carried hollow points for as long as I'vs had a gun but have been thinking about going to frangibles. Affordable, High-Quality Winchester 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ Ammo . 149 (in this example) but, but may also range from . For my self defense ammo including what I carry in the woods I use Remington Golden Saber HP 147 grn. The . 45 round will never get larger than . Personally, I carry FMJ in my P-32 because I had read the same things on penetration vs. A traditional bullet used for target shooting typically features a round nose. 3555″-. 357 Mag Hornady FTX Critical Defense 125gr: $32. 55 gr. 45acp, but I feel they would do exactly the same thing. The design of the jacketed hollow point or JHP as it is commonly referred to is a much better choice for Plated vs FMJ. This type of ammo maximizes the stopping power of the shot. UMC handgun ammunition offers the choice of full metal-case, soft point, jacketed hollow point bullets or leadless (leadcore bullets and lead-free primers) in several popular handgun calibers. If you don't have it stocked don't expect to find it. Use soft, hollow or ballistic. Jacketed soft point is second to hollow point in terms of bullet expansion and internal damge. 9 Jul 2018 This debate will go on forever for the Die Hard 9mm & 45ACP fans, they are both good cartridges and can tame your 9mm vs . Ammunition is 20 rds per box. Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) This is the most diverse type of projectile used in 9mm Aug 22, 2020 · If a FMJ would be non fatal and a JHP would be the fatal shot you’d be within . The oldest debate in the handgun book at this point is 9mm vs 45 for concealed carry and/or self-defense. 95 (Pre Order) 9mm . 45 Auto brethren. Some of the new wonder hollow points I think are just a bit to quick to expand. 45 caliber . com we stock one of the best selections online of 9mm FMJ ammo for target and range use as well as a great selection of hollow point 9mm ammunition for personal protection and law enforcement use. Nov 02, 2020 · These calibers include . 40 S&W or 9mm are the most commonly argued for calibers. Price $16. vs 9mm hollow point? i know the 45 does much more damage, but how would it compare to a 9mm hollow point since all of the kinetic energy in the 9mm would be dumped into the body instead of over penetrating which the round is known for? Feb 27, 2019 · The hollow point handgun cartridge did not become popular on the US civilian and police market until after the 1970s. 00 Select options; 9mm 115gr Hollow Point $ 37. , the lighter and faster 9mm can rival the slower and heavier. 45ACP vs. Military does not dislike the 9mm because of ball they don't like it because it is not a 45. FMJ 1000 round case $249. 357 SIG designs. So if you shoot a deer and you dont get a heart or a good lung shot it will run on you. 11 Apr 2019 We'll cover the pros & cons of 9mm vs . The 308 is more powerful Oct 05, 2016 · Dan, your and many other’s comments ring true. Whereas a regular bullet is a smooth, dome-like shape, a hollow-point bullet has a hole at the top that varies in size. It is critical to examine energies but also what a person feels comfortable shooting - it does no one any good to carry a 45 cal weapon if they are scared to shoot when they The pistol is just the messenger--it's the message that we are concerned with. It is pretty much on par with 9mm FMJ. 355) 115gr FMJ 100/BAG . 9mm 115gr FMJ $ 120. 45 size hole. Another point. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want 2 I carry 185 gr CorBon HP in mine. 452 Diameter 185 Grain Hollow Base Round Nose Plated 500 Count 9mm . A quality 9mm JHP will expand to over . 3557″ in diameter. 11. Although the recoil and performance of the . Mar 09, 2017 · 9mm vs . 40 cal, can 9mm HP compare to a . 40S&W vs 9mm Luger/ Parabellum. I’d even take a . I would use a hollow point in a 9mm because not only is it a smaller caliber, but it has much higher velocity. See more ideas about 45 acp, Hollow point, Full metal jacket. 38 Super, etc. p. I. Also  11 Apr 2015 . Cameras Don't Lie: 9mm vs . 90 after a mail-in-rebate. 22 LR for comparison purposes . 80) $44. 38 Special Norma 158gr FMJ 50 Rounds $29. Boat Tail Hollow Point ( BTHP): This is a combination of the boat tail and hollow point features. People pack on the clothes and with a big caliber, like a 45 acp is ball ammo the right choice? 9mm, 357 sig. Match Grade™ Handgun Ammunition. 45, etc. 223 CAL 62gr FMJ Projectiles 100 ct. I use the same data that I load standard fmj. There is lots of data that shows much better results with hollow points vs FMJ, especially in 9mm. 45 still the top self-defense choice? A key point in choosing self-defense ammo is its ability to quickly neutralize a threat. com See full list on gunnewsdaily. Feb 24, 2015 · Why is a FMJ being compared to a hollow point? Apples to oranges. 40, and . 45? 2 Aug 2017 . 380 JHP does not penetrate enough. Pretty much all hollow-point ammo 9mm and above will still meet the minimum penetration depth of 12" as dictated by the FBI. So what if you took a 45 ACP in HOLLOWPOINT and compared that to a 9MM in FMJ. That is $0. lol . 9mm Sellier and Bellot 115gr Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo. Refine by Caliber: 9mm Luger 9mm Luger +P. What type of bullet is being fired? I hear arguments attempting to compare a 9mm “Gold dot” bullet (a hollow point expanding bullet) to a . Though the patient survived and only  21 Mar 2017 Looking at 9mm vs 40 vs 45 and which chambering has more 'stopping power'? The . That's right, just 2mm larger in diameter than a 9mm. 40 Caliber" and "Stopping Power: Myths, Legends, and Realities"—are some of the most POLICE: Is there really a significant difference in terms of wound ballistics between a 9mm, . 45 ACP vs 9mm, is the . This is going to be your go-to for plinking and brushing up on skills. For one, hollow points just work better to stop bad guys. 31 Oct 2015 The Federal Bureau of Investigation is returning to the ammunition caliber it labeled ineffective and blamed for the deaths of two of its agents during a 1986 shootout in Miami — the 9mm jacketed hollow-point luger. Jacketed Hollow Point LESS FOULING LEFT BEHIND. Hollow point ammunition with modern bullet designs such as JHPs is designed to expand upon impacting soft tissue to stop your attacker efficiently. com Feb 27, 2019 · The hollow point handgun cartridge did not become popular on the US civilian and police market until after the 1970s. Hollow Point vs. If you are going to sling a chunk of lead down range, why not sling the biggest lead you can find? Dec 04, 2013 · But consider this: a . 9mm. It might make them slightly more effective than Ball, but not nearly as effective as modern Jacketed Hollow Points. 200 Rounds. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare 9mm Luger (Parabellum) vs . 99 CCI CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr. 45 ACP limit magazine capacity necessitating more frequent magazine Excessive velocity can also be a detriment to some hollow-point projectiles by causing them to over-expand and  There is a misconception that the . Oct 18, 2020 · It seems to feed in almost anything. If you are new to firearms and buying ammo for them, you may come across two main types of bullets: full metal jacket (FMJ) and hollow point. JHP. 380 does not penetrate as well in JHP, and using the FBI standards a . 5 powder. 40 S&W rounds. Refine by Caliber: 45 Auto +P HST Jacketed Hollow Point 9mm luger; 45 auto; 9mm . 99 aguila Aguila 9MM 115 Grain FMJ 50 Rounds. 44 Magnum in 240 grain JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) for all of the revolver and lever gun fans out there. 357 mags, 45 acp, . Since Hollow point . 355" 115 gr FMJ 100/ct …line of Sierra Tournament Master Handgun Bullets is a long list of options, including 9mm. But don't forget developments for the . 28 per round, while FMJ costs as little as $0. FMJ is the most common ball ammo in production. 12″. 62x39mm, 5. 22,. If you remove the hollow points from the equation, what you are left with is 45 acp making a bigger hole then 9mm. 28 inch of a fatal shot with the FMJ. Illinois State Police, Border Patrol, Federal Air Marshals, and United States Secret Service favored and used 115 gr (7. 3 Nov 2017 I'm well aware that for self defense purposes, a good modern jacketed hollowpoint load is the overwhelming A lot of the arguing you hear on the topic happens because 9mm FMJ's get compared to 40 cal and 45 acp FMJ. 29. Ship to Address Cartridge or Gauge . Which would penetrate more? one is a 45 ACP (more powerful) but the other is a FMJ (deeper penetration). 10 for them to run in two of my guns and 1. Shorter barrel, a little less velocity, and a good bit more stress on hollow point performance through barriers. 40, . That a crazy cheap price for 9mm ammo. Target Sports USA Lake City 7. after having killed or injured several bystanders even in a legal shooting, You would be TOAST !! Aug 03, 2012 · One of the things that makes the 9mm comparable the the 45 acp is how well the 9mm hollow points perform. During winter months where people pile on clothes, would you rather cary ball or hollow point ammo. Made from a swaged lead core and true copper jacket, our JHP bullets are renowned for their consistency and match winning accuracy. Other than penetration, FMJ has a couple of other advantages in . 5 percent success rate. 0: N/A : 200: $45. 357 Mag Winchester Super-X 158gr: $25. 99 with FREE shipping after a coupon code at check out. 40 vs . Out of Stock. About the Shape of Things Many shooters feel the sharp point on an FMJ bullet will slice through the air better than a hollow point bullet which has a small flat (or meplat) across the tip. personal preference. 45 ACP and 9mm ammo. Take an FMJ round, then drill a hole in the tip. Winchester WB9MC115 Bullets 9mm (355 Diameter) 115gr FMJ Hollow Base 100 Projectiles, Cope's Distributing X-DEF HOLLOW POINT ; Other names for . 99. May 23, 2019 · I've had quite a few different people ask why I use hollow point ammo instead of regular ball or target ammo for my self-defense purposes. On the ammo side, we’re trying three different 9mm loads: Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Luger 115 grain FTX For that caliber only, a hot FMJ is probably best, due to risks of undepenetrating. Oct 26, 2017 · In . 357 Mag Federal Personal Defense Jacketed Hollow Point 125gr: $19. Whereas an FMJ bullet enters, and exits a body in an almost intact “ball”; a Hollow point round, in theory, will expand inside the cavity, often not leaving the body at all. JHP MAGTECH MAGTECH 45 ACP 230GR FMJ 250rds $129. 9mm/124gr CMJ -3,750ct CASE. This says that they are out of stock but if you can find some I'm sure you will like them. expansion. • Jul 26, 2020 9mm vs . I specialise in penthouses and pride myself in having access to the largest selection of penthouses in Marbella area. (Photo by FBI) The G-Men used a 158 grain semi-wadcutter hollow point round known as an “FBI load. There has been a lot of debate on. Feedback on all calibers would be nice to have feedback. 308 and . Jul 20, 2012 · The Ballistic Coefficient for the 9mm Luger (9mm Parabellum) (9x19mm), American Eagle (Federal) Full Metal Jacket, 124gr is 0. IMO unless you have a custom polished feed ramp and barrel throat, there is always a chance that a hollow point could mis-feed, FTF,FTE,etc. Bullet Type. 45 ACP fmj (full metal jacket, ball ammo standard to the military) were both fired at a human heart they would achieve similar results in cavitation but  All rounds go past the minimum required 12 inches of penetration so penetration really isn't the issue. Full size 9mm go with a 124-147 jacket or semi jacket hollow point Compact drop down to the 124 subs 115 to 124. 45 ACP's, you In terms of civilian usage, . 45 Caliber . The jacketed version is a thin covering of copper or steel. 9mm (FMJ) I've read that 9mm can penetrate better than . OR 45 ACP Full Metal Jacket sTr. the . 357 diameter 170 and 180 grain; 44 caliber . 50 Select options; 9mm 115gr Xtreme Penetrator (Lead Free) $ 25. 64-inch barrel; Top left: Glock 42 . Full metal jacket vs hollow point? FMJ bullets are incredibly strong – it is difficult for metal piercing substances to damage the bore of the bullet. 89 $0. Lets look at 9mm, FMJ, 124, 364, 1150 . In addition to being a law enforcement officer, I was also a Medical Examiner Investigator. 223 HP will penetrate soft body armor. This quality 9mm Luger ammunition from Winchester is an affordable choice for high-volume shooters either at the range, during target practice or while plinking. Hollow Point Ammo: It is a very common misconception that hollow point ammunition is Sep 10, 2020 · . $8. 45 and, trust me, the fight is over. If you don't use a hollow point you risk shooting clean threw the attacker and not effectively stopping him. This has been a talking point for decades, partially on historical grounds (which we'll get to) and partially because people just love to have things to argue about. Complete 9mm ammunition ballistics Chart. THAT is why there is not much difference in the wounding potential of a 9mm versus a . The Hollow Point shape has an opening in the nose, which depending on the use of the bullet, may be designed for complete fragmentation, controlled expansion, or no expansion at all (MatchKing). 45 ACP 200-grain SWC, 9mm PARA 115-grain HAP, . 09 was needed for the EAA Witness. Jun 01, 2010 · FMJ vs HP: HP all the way. Luckily many fail to expand and work like the more effective FMJ and your only loss is the extra money wasted on hype and magic bullets and the straw man It’s a partially jacketed hollow point with a center post in the middle. I can tell you from experience, that there is a definite difference. – least recoil, lots of good choices for rounds and good quality weapons. Jun 03, 2020 · The point of impact is not as drastically different between fmj and defense loads. Nov 24, 2019 · Palmetto State Armory has a sale on 500 rounds of Federal 9mm 115Gr FMJ in 250 round boxes for $61. Neither will 45 FMJ or 9mm FMJ. 9mm hollow point ammo is the best choice for self defense with a 9mm firearm. 99 (Save 32%) $9. 9mm Winchester W Train and Defend 147gr. 40 S&W round, complete cartridge and expanded bullet A 9mm hollow point cartridge, along with unexpanded and expanded bullets. 45). Penetration depth was measured from the face of the gelatin block to the farthest point of the bullet’s resting place. 40 S&W vs everything, your favorite caliber vs my favorite caliber. But I could easily be persuaded otherwise. 18 were suspects (14 FMJ, 4 JHPs). but there are the groups of 45 guys that feel the more lead the better. Buy a pistol that will. 45's. 40 … makes me feel left out of the discussion 😉 At the end of the day a gun is simply a tool to drive holes in to things at high velocity. 22 LR round is in diameter, and even big bullets like . Both examples are for brass-cased ammunition. 45 and the shape of FMJ is typically not conducive to the tearing/cutting action as someone else stated above. Same with a 223 remington vs a 308 winchester. 05 mm difference. 45acp specifically with FMJ rounds, vs using a smaller caliber with good HPs. Think about the back in 2008 during election time SHTF is going to be way worse. Sep 18, 2018 · Additionally, the difference in diameter between the 9mm hollow point and the . 32 Auto , . 26 Sep 2014 A new study from the FBI's Training Division shows that overall, the 9mm Luger pistol round is the best option for law more rounds, and is more widely available and less expensive than alternative rounds like the . Mar 08, 2010 · 9mm HOLLOW POINT VS. cal. 45 ACP vs 9mm: 14 Experts Give Their Answers answers the age-old debate between . Federal is part of the Vista Outdoor company, the company that owns CCI, Speer, and Federal ammunition. 45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol) 9mm 124 Gr. Quantity. Skip a 9mm off the sternum (breastbone) and the fight continues; plow through the sternum with a . 45: Wound Placement In the hunting world, a debate lasted for decades between master hunters Jack O’Connor, who did much to popularize the light, fast . I am also very impressed with a gun like the Kel-Tec PMR-30 22 mag. 40s&w flat nose is as well, but i dislike . 40 S&W and . Top right: Glock 27 . 45 ACP, from stopping power to Let's take a look at the selling points of each one to help you decide. 45 ACP or Automatic Colt Pistol, and the awesome 7. 69. The “HP” stands for hollow point. They are also less likely to over penetrate causing you to strike an unintended target. If all the stars are aligned and my dies set properly, 9mm's resize alright. fmj Another thread on this site made me think of this. With all the 9mm ammo choices on the market though, we’re presented with another problem. Overpenetration with . 40 and . Which is better? The answer depends on the context or mission of the round. Is full metal jacket what you need or is jacketed hollow point? We first fire Blazer Brass 45 ACP FMJ bullet ammunition. AntiFa/Revolutionary Communists/Democratic Socialists for a study on “hollow-points” vs FMJ/range ammo,  28 Jun 2019 Jacketed Hollow Point ammo is a popular choice for self defense. This is probably the result of a much thicker jacket than the 9mm. Purchasing page for Wolf Performance Ammunition. FMJ (Bi-Metal Precision Delta 9mm 124 grain Jacketed Hollow Point bullets make a great choice for any 9mm hand loader. Quick view. Loaded with first-quality brass cases, high-grade propellants and Kleanbore priming, HTP bullet styles are engineered for high weight retention and double diameter expansion. 2 Dec 2014 I Met Someone Today Who Uses Target Ammo (FMJ) As Carry Ammo, So Yea, They're Out There As our conversation evolved, he said flat out, “I carry FMJ ammo in my Shield 9mm because it's cheaper than the fancy hollow points and will likely get the job done. 56x45 55GR FMJ BT 420Rd Can $189. When a hollow point hits the targeted item, it will expands. The resemblance is there, but the two are not  Items 1 - 152 American Eagle Handgun 9mm Luger Bullet Weight: 175; Bullet Style: Segmented Hollow Point; Package Quantity: 20; Usage: Self-Defense. 38 Special [ 158-grain, lead, hollow-point +P] also achieved a 67. 40 Smith and Wesson, . 34. Now available in loaded ammunition! Manufactured to Nosler’s strict quality standards, Match Grade™ ammunition uses Nosler® brass and Nosler® bullets to attain optimum performance. 40 S&W. 5. RMR Jacketed Hollow Point Aug 30, 2017 - Ammoking carry 45 ACP rounds with Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) and Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) bullets. I notice one parameter that seems to be ignored. The bullet  The 9MM caliber is an extremely common caliber and can be found in a wide variety of loads from full metal jacket (FMJ) to hollow points to frangible ammo. you get more and may need it. 00 – $ 480. Trotskyite. 380. 9mm. Dec 13, 2014 · This is for their gold dot hollow point bullets. HPs give you a larger than . 45 / round) Federal 9mm 147 gr HST Jacketed Hollow Point Personal Defense 20/box 9mm Luger 357 Magnum 357 SIG 38 Special 38 Super 40 S&W 10mm Auto: 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 44 Special 45 ACP 45 GAP 45 Colt 454 Casull 460 Magnum 480 Ruger 50 AE 500 Magnum: 223 Remington 243 Winchester 270 Winchester 300 Winchester Magnum 300 AAC Blackout 30-30 Winchester 30-06 Springfield 308 Winchester 50 Beowulf 5. Federal 9mm 147 gr FMJ Flat Point American Eagle 50/Box $22. Sportsman's Guide is your source for in-stock and eady to ship 9mm Ammo! You'll appreciate our low 9mm Bulk Ammo prices and special offers from top brands that you trust on 9mm Bullets. 45 ACP; 45 Long Colt; 9mm Luger; more Rifle. How to Carve a Pumpkin with a Handgun (Or an AK-47). NW Oregon. The FMJ is good enough to penetrate a car door and take out a person. 32 ACP FMJ bullets ranges from 13. Full Metal Jacket That sight doesn't really have data for FMJ rounds in . Sometimes I carry a . That is what ASYM achieves with our 124 gr Bonded Tactical ammunition, we strive to be the best 9mm home defense ammunition we can. 4295 diameter 220 and 250 grain; and . If you look at ballistics jell on expanding bullets you can see pretty much when the bullet start to expand, when it's full expanded, and when it's folded to it's final size. With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker, Second Media Corp. $31. 22LR, the question is academic- there are no readily-available FMJ or other jacketed . 45x39 7mm Remington Magnum 7mm Jan 09, 2013 · Please do not hunt game animals with FMJ. Lyman 1-Cavity Bullet Mold For 9mm 124 Grain Devastator <p>Applying the same formula and calculations to an FMJ, we get very different results — frightening results. 45 acp. 40 and 230g in . 62x51mm M80 NATO Ammo 149 Grain FMJ Bulk 500 Rounds Hollow Point; Federal American Eagle 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket I chose . Caliber: 22 Magnum (WMR); Bullet Weight: 40 Grain; Bullet Style: Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP); Bullet Primer: Rimfire; Bullet This new defense 9mm Luger ammunition from Browning is packed with features designed for carry applications. FMJ has shown to be about equal in 45 VS 9 VS 40. This ammunition is loaded using . 45 ACP: Kahr CW45, 3. We’ll also give you a breakdown of how we came to choose these picks. 147g in 9mm (local police use this), 180g in . When sheer, instant stopping power makes all the difference, Remington High Terminal Performance delivers in a powerful way. Unless you are target shooting, if you fire your Further, in this age of the "third generation hollow point " I suspect many tactical shooters are better served with a 9mm. At SGAmmo. Posts: 1,435. 4515 diameter 185, 200, and 230 grain. American Eagle Handgun Quickview · American Eagle Handgun 45 Colt. Two shots increase the odds to 95%. 00. 500 rounds Federal Premium LE Tactical P9HST2 - 9mm 147gr HST Jacketed Hollow Point 1000 Round Case Federal 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ "Training Ammunition" 500 Rounds Winchester Ranger Bonded Q4392 - 9mm 147 grain Jacketed Hollow Point - Nickel Cases - Same as RA9B The energy delivered by most 9mm loads allows for significant expansion and penetration with premium hollow-point bullets. pros and cons of frang. 6 Jul 2017 45acp fmj vs hollow point. With 9mm, . An expanding bullet will settle things much more quickly than an FMJ. This would mean the circumferences of the wound channels (Pi times the diameter) would be 1. Just because a firearm can chamber 9mm doesn’t mean it is designed to fire 9mm +P or 9mm +P+, however. 9mm 115 vs 124 recoil, Mar 13, 2014 · The true reason is a matter of preference nothing to do with reliability. 45 Long Colt; Black Hills 9mm Luger 124 Gr. 2 Jul 2020 Standard 9mm jacketed hollow point bullets are prone to overpenetration, and that can have deadly results in a house, apartment, or in a crowded space. 40 S&W and 9mm calibers, to determine if more accurate and faster hits are achievable with one versus the other,” the FBI says. The jacket on a JHP provides a barrier that decreases the amount of lead that is left behind within the barrel of your gun. FMJ 1000RDS $499. 99 ; 223 Rem Creedmoor 75gr HPBT 200 rounds $189. 380, . Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo. 49 Re: FMJ vs Hollow Point « Reply #10 on: September 08, 2009, 10:46:41 AM » . 9mm is the cheapest and best all round self-def. </p> <p>That same treaty also bans the dropping of grenades from hot air balloons, mind you, so some of the stuff might be outdated in the grand scheme of things. 60. 40 cal non-HP for tissue damage? I need a pistol for home defense, glock is what I like. Full metal jacket ammo is cleaner than unjacketed bullets. Winchester Jan 31, 2010 · Hollow point will have the most expansion in human tissue. 9mm Automatic Dimensions Apr 12, 2019 · 5. 45 ACP did not expand at all. $39. 45 starts out big and slow, it will push a large destructive tunnel through a body, this is almost guaranteed (although not quite). But if I needed more then the 3 mags I always carry, I should have been carrying a shotgun or black rifle. Compare 9mm ammo from the top online retailers to find the lowest price. Though hollow point bullets are optimal for self-defense, FMJ ammo is significantly cheaper than hollow point ammo. 38 $ 298. The closest back then was the early soft points of the 1890s. 25 = 6 hits 3mags 9mm = 51rds x . If you're talking about handgun rounds, jacketed hollow points are the best all-around option. Federal HST. That being said, advancements in hollow-point bullet technology have made the terminal differences between modern cartridges using personal defense ammo pretty negligible. I like the 9mm odds a lot better. 45 ACP in the past century was always that it was a slightly larger bullet than the 9mm, and that it performed somewhat better when both calibers were using FMJ bullets. 13 Per Piece. Jan 23, 2020 · So i know that a 45 ACP in FMJ would penetrate more than a 9MM in FMJ. 9mm hollow point vs 45 fmj

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