Blend door actuator shaft broken

blend door actuator shaft broken Passenger side was blowing cold air only. Once the servo screws and power cable have been removed, the disk wants to come off with the old servo. That’s why this system is called a blend door style. I have the entire dash out of the car and the actuators removed from the blend door box. With D-Shaped Shaft. I tested the voltage at the actuator plug and eliminated the controls. I'm going to try to repair it but would like to find a replacement. Blend Door Actuator I have checked all the vaccum lines and all is OK. So. have you had any luck repairing it? Reply 1: Hi Casson, Unfortunately, there is 22 Jan 2012 Fixing the ATC in my wife's 2001 Chrysler Town and Country. While the symptoms are fairly conclusive for blend door failure, the only way to really check it out is to remove the blend door actuator motor and look at the axle. I'm think that maybe I have the shaft in the incorrect position. Under this large gear is a copper flange with 2 fingers. With both removed the bracket will lift up and off of the stud in the floor. From what I could tell, it appears the door is located in the compartment below the actuator motor. You have to remove the control motors that turn the shafts (you did this when you found out that that shaft was broke). I have machined a new shaft to engage the actuator motor and slide into the bushing. Not sure why. Jan 29, 2020 · 1) Passenger side heat. Blend door failure is a very common problem among Chevy vehicles, as well as blend door actuator motor malfunction. 19 Nov 2019 A blend door is an actuator that allows the hot air to reach either the Now, a broken blend door arm wouldn't be such a big issue if SAAB was still box to swap out the broken shaft or blend door arm on the passenger side. I took the actuator out and took it apart to see that there are two metal prongs that sweep on an arch with the actuator to send its position info back to the hvac system. Its the blend doors doing their calibration. That is the shaft the servo connects with. Step 6: Place a screw extractor on the driver's side pivot point and slowly turn counter-clockwise until firmly engaged. I'd found a couple of posts that talked about guys that changed theirs, and to do that they either had to take the unit completely apart, or cut a whole in the duct big enough to get the blend door out and then patch it up. The pictures show the plastic OEM component and the steel replacement. Community. ) Ole Bruce did my 98 and he's done a few. No TECH 2‌ On calibration the left side of the display will indicate the number of faults, 0-23 and the right side will provide a fault code. Dorman Products - 902-220 : Blend Door Repair Kit. Remove the electrical connector from the A/C Electric Blend Door Actuator. Oct 23, 2011 · I have removed my Blend Door Actuator and noticed that the shaft that it sits on turns freely with the car off, once the car is on the shaft does turn one way but unable to turn it back to the other position, unit I turn the car off. . Also check out how to change the passenger heat door actuator here: https://www. Sep 26, 2016 · I manually turned the driver's side actuator to full cold but when I turn the car off and then back on, the actuator then turns back to all hot. That front bolt/screw is the tough one buried against the insulation blanket. The air temperature is controlled by a blend door/air temp door and the direction is controlled by a mode door. One screw at the top. Oct 21, 2018 · I have changed the actuator in the past and i think my blend door was stuck and i may have forced it. Shaft position Make sure the notch on the shaft is pointed upwards. While trying to remove it, the plastic shaft that drives the unit broke. I drilled through the case where the shaft was and added a machine screw of the same approximate size for the gear to ride on securing it with a nylon lock nut. (1. 18 Mar 2016 Get the F150 Blend Door Actuator here https://amzn. AC and heat work how it should and have both. When you turn the knob on your dash to the desired temperature, the actuator moves the blend door to achieve the proper mix. If it malfunctions, your climate control system may not respond properly when you change the temperature on the climate control system. The blend door is activated by a geared stepper motor that rotates a shaft through about a 45° arc. Hope y'all enjoy this video and let me know what y'all t To get access to the blend door, you have to remove all the trim on the dash, except for the top. Anyway, I must have gotten the shaft in different as I had to mess with the heater controls to get it to line back up with the blend door. Aug 22, 2010 · Inside the actuator you'll see the motor, 3 small gears and the large gear which drives the vent shaft to change the blend doors. If you have a broken blend door shaft (the white shaft sticking out of the HVAC box Remove the actuator by pulling it straight out of the heater box, allowing it to  4 Jul 2016 Is there some “easy” way to move the blend door so that instead of Insert actuator shaft into A/C air temperature control door and secure A/C  12 Mar 2016 I know this is a common problem with cobalts. STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS . Thanks Daryl Feb 01, 2020 · 2009 HHR with broken HVAC blend door shaft. The new shaft is part number 04885511AA Shaft, Blend Air Door, Labor is given at 0. The actuator in my Grand Prix was accessible through the glove compartment after removing some panels to get the compartment door off. , all tedious (sorry)-The long way, is taking the entire plenum out. It's possible that something got in the system and caused it to stick - a soda spilled into the defroster vents comes to mind. 2 - PASSENGER BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR 3 - NUT 4 - INLET BAFFLE 5 - RECIRCULATION DOOR ACTUATOR 6 - RECIRCULATION DOOR 7 - DRIVER SIDE BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR 8 - HVAC HOUSING 9 - BOLT 10 - DEFROSTER DOOR ACTUATOR 11 - MODE DOOR ACTUATOR 13. If the blend door is broken, it could also be the door itself flopping in the breeze and making noise. 6 is an open or short in the stepper motor, 7 is a jammed blend door or motor, and 8 means the shaft is broken. Make note the splines on the white plastic drive shaft are keyed to fit a certain way, and the hex end is also keyed internally when fitting to the air What I ‎discovered was this is a very common problem with my model of JGC (1999-2004). The coupler/connector is not Jan 14, 2013 · The "ticking" you hear is likely the "blend door" actuator that may have a broken internal gear or the blend door shaft may be cracked and the actuator is slipping at eh mechanical interconnect between the actuator and the blend door "socket" the engages the actuator drive output. 2009 Broken arm Old style green plastic stop arms often crack at the base, allowing the shaft to spin freely. Tighten the blend door actuator mounting screw to 14 inch lbs. now, its basically permanent recirc off. The secondary actuator is low, under the center stack. New actuator, clip the end of the front mount tang off so it slips under the remaining bolt. The silencer is held in place by two plastic pins under the dash and by grooves in the firewall side. The plastic blend-door shaft tends to fracture. Reply Is there a part for this "blend door actuator"? I can see how it'd be a  1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee DIY heater blend door repair solution. If the rear pin is not aligned in a way that allows you to install the door - DO NOT TRY TO TWIST OR FORCE THE PIN OR BLEND DOOR INTO POSITION! Instead - complete the AZC System recalibration process. Does the blend door control only the temp. Aug 11, 2009 · The plastic piece that slides on the actuator shaft (that turns the blend door) was broken. that it has gone bad, you can check out Amazon to purchase an OEM replacement actuator. The blend door actuator is a device that is in charge of controlling the flow of air and temperature in your vehicle. Double Check Before Replacement Before you make a replacement, be sure to first find out which blend door actuator stopped working. This, disk has a shaft that extends outward toward the drivers side. does the shaft of the blend door go thru the shaft then into the hvac actuator. Separate the HVAC housing case halves. Even when this is properly diagnosed, the problem is bad enough. You have to remove parts of the center console. 5mm) XL3Z-19E616-AB is the blend door actuator itself. it is zero degrees outside, the blend door directs most of the heater output to you, allowing in a little outside air to keep it at 70. With the cover removed the right lower dash support bracket needs to be removed. By a combination Replacing an F-150 Blend Door Actuator for HVAC (2009-2014) Posted 5 years ago on Thursday, March 24th, 2016 by James S. (BlendDoorRepair. The OE blend door motors / air door actuators have a high failure rate and a Apr 03, 2016 · The blend door actuator is interchangeable with the actuator for the mode-air doors and the recirculation-air door. After I replaced it I still get a few clicks once I start the truck and then it stops. Mar 20, 2020 · There are several doors associated with the mode door actuator. The blend door itself breaks off of the shaft inside of the HVAC  99 TOYOTA gt 2014 gt 4RUNNER gt 4. The blend door motor assembly looks just like the one posted here. Hook up the wires according to the tagged Feb 19, 2011 · Usually the Blend Door Motor has fractured the tip of the shaft that turns the door. to/2KA2wgy I found out that my passenger side blend door gear was broken. (Page 1 of 2) Install the blend door actuator as an assembly with the actuator cam. I found one detailed video online for how to replace the actuator motor, but the video did not discuss how to replace the door. I think the panel door shaft is broken and is moving the door on the driver zone but is NOT moving the door on the passenger zone. - All the blend door actuators for the Flex and MKT are the same identical part. Remove all of the attached parts from the lower case half. If that shaft is Rear AC still works fine. The rest bypasses around the heater core. The one labeled "right side blend door actuator" controls the passenger side hot/cold blend door. When I put it back together it started working again. Heres a link to my website and ebay listing. The blend door actuator regulates the amount of hot and cold air flowing through the blend door and is controlled from the passenger cabin. Align keyed shaft and slide into place. Location: To Main Unit. If you notice that your car is releasing cold air and you are finding it difficult to change the flow of air then, you might be dealing with a faulty actuator. their video actuator is connected. It is kind of nice that right side, left side and the door that controls fresh air intake to the HVAC air box (or recirculate depending on position) use the I removed the clicking door actuator from behind my glovebox. com Insert actuator shaft into A C air temperature control door and secure A C electronic blend door actuator to A C evaporator housing with four retaining screws. Mine is working which leads me to the actual blend door being snapped or out of alignment. 1 Jan 2017 So over the summer the entire blend door arm (shaft and the other component) under the driver seat broke completely. Many of our blend doors have been re-engineered to correct weaknesses in the original design. You can access to it under the dash by removing instrument panel silencer. There will never be anymore  The shaft that connects the stepper motor to the blend door fails as shown. I assume the rear heat would not work, but since it's been in the 90s and no one is sitting back there anyway I have not done anything else. The new drive shaft clips into place within the actuator. Not sure how to go about replacing it though. How to reset blend door actuator grand marquis How to reset blend door actuator grand marquis YH-1858 HVAC Blend Door Motor Air Distribution Mode Door, With D-Shaped Shaft YH-1743 HVAC Blend Door Motor Air Distribution Mode Door, With Cross-Shaped Shaft Bottom Motor YH-1767 HVAC Blend Door Motor Temperature Blend Door, With D-Shaped Shaft How do you know which type you have for the top motor? Broken blend door The blend door is a door in the heater assembly that moves when you go from cold to hot and I guess allows the amount of cold/hot air coming out the vents. Apr 20, 2020 · A failed heater blend door or actuator can cause the temperature control for the HVAC system to stop working. There was a piece of the white plastic “wheel” broke off in it when I pulled it off. Restore and maintain control of the climate inside your vehicle with our HVAC Heater Blend Door. Has anyone else ever attempted to tackle this themselves and were you successful. If the end of the shaft is missing, it the blend door must be replaced and the repair must be discontinued. Question - How do I lower the glove box to access the HVAC box. Had no heat couldn't feel the motor turning did voltage teat and it was getting voltage, tool the actuator off to see if it was moving and it did after I tried to turn the shaft by hand. i have tried recalibrating. Each actuator also has an identical output shaft with splines (3) that connect it to its respective door Jan 29, 2020 · 1) Passenger side heat. Aug 19, 2012 · Either the blend door actuator motor or potentiometer is not working. The actuator moves on command from the temp dial, but it moves too far out of range and disengages the two gears. Is this a problem with the actuator or the computer controlling it? Jun 13, 2018 · Passenger side blend air temperature actuator is responding electrical voltages but is mechanically broken or mechanically disconnected from its temperature blend air door shaft. way. The 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt has 2 problems reported for door blend actuator post broke off. If all of these are okay the door is broken. All the threads and googling seem to point at the actuator only. com Branded) Sep 13, 2013 · That's not what breaks on our MK's They break where the shaft comes out of the blend door motor. 15 Nov 2014 From what I can tell, a broken door usually rests in the fresh air if that actuator for the shaft that goes to the door is external to the housing for  Ford Escape Hybrid - DIY Repair of traction blend door actuator - At this link: are two doors from one of the threads and maybe the Dorman shaft is shorter or ?? I'm going to try it again but with the replacement part from Dorman at some  The blend door has a metal D shaft that the drive gear slides over. If that shaft is Blend door failure is a very common problem among Chevy vehicles, as well as blend door actuator motor malfunction. If you have the temperature set to low, only a small portion of the airflow passes across the heater core. 12. Reach inside the case, removing the broken shaft from. A clicking sound from the dash area would commonly indicate an actuator fault. Nov 26, 2015 · Sometimes the actuators break on these things, but it is usually a broken blend, mode, or recirc door. The blend door has a metal D shaft that the drive gear slides over. This kit relocates your SINGLE ZONE blend door actuator with our blend door actuator driveshaft adapter and detailed instructional. The blend door actuator is a servo responsible for controlling the mix of warm air from the heater core and cool air from the A/C and outside. Solid State. i couldnt pull or shake it out. On my Camry it's controlled by wire cable. The dash must be removed and the blend door replaced. There's a little arrow on the casing that part of the gear lined up with. Install electrical connector to bracket on A C electronic blend door actuator. To get temporary heat reach under the dash in line with the left side of the glove compartment door and pull down the gray plastic lever about a half inch. Before buying a new blend door motor assembly, try and FIX IT! My mother has a '94 Oldsmobile 88 that had the same problem with the broken gear. As the cam wheel turns it opens and closes the panel door shaft, floor door shaft, defrost door shaft. They offer a metal replacement blend door along with a procedure that allows the door to be replaced from the foot well without removing the box. In order to pull the passenger side of the dash out far enough the cable has to be disconnected from the dash at two locations. Hook up the wires according to the tagged Fits Blend Door (Controls the Blend of Hot and Cold Air); Floor Mode Door Actuator w/ Cross Shaped Shaft; Rear. Number 24-006-01 dated may 4 2001 which covered the replacement of the blend door shaft with a upgraded shaft. But what is puzzling is that the HVAC system and distributor housing has only ONE mode door actuator. I thought you said it was a blend door which is not where you described. cartalk. It's pretty awkward putting the actuator back on, but it is possible. Jun 10, 2019 · So replaced my passenger side (upper) blend door actuator since I had the famous clicking/knocking, and mine actually was constant and never stopped. You have to unplug all the wires from the BCM and remove it. Anyway, after removing the OEM blend door I noted which position the output shaft was in. Each actuator also has an identical output shaft (3) with splines that connect it to its respective door Aug 04, 2019 · The door shaft was stuck to the actuator socket and I had to make a custom tool (a mini C clamp with threaded inner bolt) to press out the shaft. The shaft is broken. Digging into my own system I found that the passenger heat was not working because the blend door gear driven by the passenger side servo (singular on my SR5 truck without auto climate control) was broken off as the shaft. just trying to figure out how the actuator and shaft, are connected to the blend Mar 05, 2020 · I need a blend door for my 97 Mark VIII, mine has broken where the EATC actuator shaft goes into the blend door. HVAC Air Door Actuator - Blend. com My recirc door is having the same problems as your driver side blend door. I'll have to wait till I get off work to check it again, but the actuator was turning "lock to lock" with one click of the heater controls. When you need to make a replacement and you're looking for the best A/C heater blend door actuators for cars and trucks, AutoZone has what you need. This can keep the door from sealing off the heater core. I ordered the a part (Recirculation Door Actuator YH-1866) from Amazon. Now you can replace the blend door, not the entire plenum. probable broken loose from the gear or door. The door hangs on a vertical axis, so turning a sharp corner, or fiddling with the fan speed can swing the door into the hot or cold position randomly. Let's address the mode or position first, As you will see in the attached documents, the actuator is controlled by the HVAC control module to move positions. JEEP OEM PART #5143183AA Blend Door Actuator to Blend Door Drive Shaft NOW AVAILABLE - See below or click on the "SHOP" button above. If door movement is good: replace actuator. the #2 - passenger side - MIX DOOR actuator has a split shaft - the LARGE-SQUARE shaft moves the passenger side MIX DOOR - the inner shaft has a "D" shaped hole that accepts the shaft that moves the rear seat MIX DOOR - over time this D shaped hole strips out - and becomes round - this can no longer move the rear seat MIX DOOR - even though it The Dodge is relatively simple compared to our other HeaterTreater products. The blend door itself is broken? Typically the door actuator (which controls it) goes out because they have plastic gears. Looks lke I get to fix a broken blend door and or broken bushings. The door is plastic and will break. The cheap plastic shafts can not stand the force of the strong drive motor and eventually crack resulting in blend door failure. com. 4 3 2 1 ~~~~~ / / / / / / / / / / / / M. Install instrument panel insulator and console panel if equipped. It is held to the dash with push pin retainers … Continue reading "1999 Ford F150, Replacing Broken Blend Air Door, Part Three" Apr 23, 2020 · I have a problem with a blend door Defrost/Dash vents, it stays on vents. most recently i took the actuator down yesterday and it is working when i move the controls. I have checked the blend door manually and it is working properly. You have several options. Install and tighten the screws. This will cause the motor to spin the pin around into position. I love my Jeep, but the person that ‎designed this blend door actuator system needs to find new work. Installation is the reverse of removal and then run the Actuator Calibration. This for vehicles with the 3 zone sdystem. -I was able to use a dowel, cut it into a little over a half moon (length wise) and stick the half circle into the remaining area as the shaft is usually only partially The shaft of the actuator inserts into the blend door. The last one you replaced is for the re-circulation damper. The design is inherently weak, and relies on a ‎calibration phase that puts intense pressure on the weakest points in the system. I am now in production of both the single zone blend door actuator to blend door shaft as well as a blend door actuator relocation kit for when the blend door drive itself is broke. Read below prior to ordering to properly diagnose your blend door concern. The plastic shaft that the bland door actuator engages with has sheared off. Mar 12, 2016 · The plastic shaft that the bland door actuator engages with has sheared off. 28 Jan 2018 Actuator is OK but the gear that attaches to the end of the blend door shaft is broken and I have not been able to locate a part number or a  burns out or the shaft cracks, the “door” can get stuck in one position, leading to The OE blend door motors / air door actuators have a high failure rate and a. The servo had the mating female part that matches the shaft configuration. INSTALLATION Insert actuator shaft into A/C air temperature control door and secure A/C electronic blend door actuator to A/C evaporator housing with four retaining door shaft and replace it with a new sleeve, with no HVAC case removal or cutting required. Save Share. After the actuator is snapped off, loosen the remaining bolt enough to remove the broken tang. More broken crap on the truck. Displace and remove actuator. The potentiometer wiper is connected to the actuator output shaft and moves with the output shaft to indicate the position of the A/C air temperature control door. May 09, 2018 · Replacing an actuator is fairly simple. My actuator quit. Replaced the actuator only to find that the blend door shaft was stripped out. NN356. I honestly don’t know if it’s been like that, or I happened to do it when I separated the actuator from the bracket. In my case, I felt more comfortable disassembling the actuator to more easily get the output shaft to rotate for alignment. About 18 months ago the forum posts here and elsewhere helped me make a temporary and superficial repair to the driver's side actuator but this time it wasn't working. 79: The actuator with the metal shaft was the one that was in the car. I went to a junkyard and got another piece. It's a climate control device. Is this normal, I don't want to buy a Blend Door Actuator and install it and have it break the gear again. The effect is the air conditioner does not get cool or the heater may blow when not desired. i still suspect the door or shaft is broken as this  8 Nov 2017 heater problem update. • If all circuits check good: remove actuator and check blend door for binding or if door has broken loose from the shaft. Remove the blend door actuator from the air distribution housing and disconnect the HVAC wire harness connector and remove the actuator from the vehicle. Please note your blend door actuator to door shaft (also available from us) must be intact and functional for this kit to work. Now I need to replace both the blend door (piece the shaft is attached to?) And the actuator. Once the arm breaks the motor has enough power to break the shaft A broken blend door actuator is almost as common as a broken blend door itself. The symptoms sound very much like a blend door problem and you will need to get to the actuator motor and pull it to see if the axle is damaged and whether you can turn the blend door freely and switch from AC to Heat by turning the door manually. Once the bushing is cured to the blend door, i will mix up another batch and clocking od the blend door to actuator. Waiting on the JBWeld to setup on the bushing to the remaining shaft on the temp blend door. Actuator is fine though. If the heater gets stuck on the hottest setting, the heater blend door may be broken requiring replacement of the heater box to repair the issue. 79: $0. so replaced the actuator with new. 03 ion-2 Sedan 5sp Feb 07, 2010 · I cut the end stuck within the actuator out with a scapel and dug the broken bits free using a small flat blade screw driver. I'm glad my blend door was fine. They sometimes make a noise when they break, but don't count on it. If just your actuator to blend door shaft has broken or both your shaft and door drive have broken you will need both an actuator to blend door shaft and this kit. 95 Aurora 140K, Autobahn, Bose upgrade, custom corners, white led interior, hi-fi taillight mod, *MFA 2/12* If blend door actuator is working when tested with the factory scan tool, then blend door itself is at fault. Meaning the motor has no 'off', it keeps on trying to turn. 4L Service type Door Lock Actuator Passenger Side Rear Replacement Estimate 428. TechSmart® temperature blend door motors and air door actuators are designed with chamfered pins to ensure an OE quality connector fit, making the install easier for the technician while reducing the risk of bent or broken connector terminals; The HVAC air door actuator regulates this flow of cold and hot air in the vehicle’s cabin; if the But the only thing that works is the hot/cold and the blower setting. (Fact) The blend door shaft does not break the very next calibration time after the drive connector’s stop tab breaks. When replacing, make sure your blend door and gear are properly indexed (positioned), like a timing gear with the crank and cam. Took about an hour to do, and 45 minutes of that was removing and replacing panels. within. didnt fix. 03 ion-2 Sedan 5sp I pulled the glove box and looked at the blend door actuator. Have verified that actuator works. Ford Falcon / Territory BA BF Dual Zone Air Mix Shaft / Blend Door - Heater / AC models causing the hot or cold to be jammed on/off (existing shaft can break) Some GM cars/trucks can have the blend door actuator re-calibrated by repair kit that requires you to drill out the broken air blend door "shaft"  20 Dec 2016 The picture is of the blend door (foot) position, the actuator slides into the splines and turns the door. Sep 11, 2019 · When I went to install my blend door actuator (which I thought was synchronized to the full-cold position of the blend door, I found that the actuator shaft was about 5 degrees in rotation off. now here is my question about the blend door itself: Should the shaft spin 360 degrees? i think its broken and if so how is Feb 19, 2017 · 2. I tool it to a repair shop, and they were the ones who diagnosed the actuator door being broken. that blend door actuator looks broken are all the tabs that turn the blend door shaft ok. Aug 15, 2011 · I come up with a blend door that is either broken, cheap abs plastic design where the Electronic actuator connects. Programming would not likely help. A lot of times they will replace the entire plenum box. Before getting the dash pulled, I would remove the actuator and see if the shaft can be turned - broken free. The rear AC still works in this condition so I have not installed the new actuator or tried to fix the broken shaft. Most late-model cars use Oct 03, 2020 · Since Jeep decided to discontinue production of the 5143183AA blend door actuator driveshaft, we decided to pick up where they left off and have a mold made to the exact specifications of the original unit (the mold was based on an OEM piece) and make our own, complimenting our Blend Door Actuator relocation kit (for when the blend door shaft itself breaks). Dec 20, 2016 · The actuator had enough power to break the white colored gear drive, that connects the actuator to the blend door. blend door. 15 Oct 2019 blend actuator is working. Step 3: Install the turn signal cluster. Temperature. Typically, the fix requires disassembling the entire dash and replacing the whole plenum box, which can be a costly Start with installing the rear Heater door. Step 15:  Atlanta, GA (February 2014) – AirSept's new A/C Blend Door Repair Tool allows repair of stuck the plastic door shaft connects to the actuator control. I was hoping that someone might  23 Jan 2018 In my case both the blend door shaft end and the coupler that connects it to the actuator were broken ( see pics) IMG_0822_Jeep heater  5) With the air outlet elbow removed, push the inside of the blend door shaft towards the inside of the heater box in order to push out the broken end of the shaft. Line up the heater/defroster valve lever with the blend door actuator cam slot. It is a very costly and labor intensive fix. Pull out the broken black door arm out of the hole of the blend door. This is not easy, repositioning blend door may. Nov 11, 2013 · I think my issue is the blend motor its self. I f it comes up 24 or 25 it is the blend door actuaton, or the shaft on the door is stuck (rust). 00: $31. Blend door motor is a common culprit. Most models, except for the 1998 model and the 2003 and up models require the dash to be removed for Jan 24, 2013 · 1999 thru 2002 blend door actuator replacement Attached is the procedure to replace the blend door actuator on a 2001 model Town Car. Ford wanted $1000+ to remove the dash and replace the whole plenum. also you should turn the blend door shaft by hand and see if it moves and changes air temp as you do it. One (for the drivers side) is located above the passenger footwell. If you notice problems with the air flow or temperature, check the blend door actuator for bare or broken wires. Then there was the heart stopping dealer repair of the broken door charge, $1000 to $1500. I also applied silicone grease to the new actuator socket to make sure it wouldn't get stuck again, if I ever had to replace it (so far after four Jun 13, 2018 · Passenger side blend air temperature actuator is responding electrical voltages but is mechanically broken or mechanically disconnected from its temperature blend air door shaft. Typically, to repair a broken blend door, a mechanic will disassemble the dash and replace the plenum box. If it is stuck on one setting then it is either the actuator or the module. Has anyone else  Results 1 - 24 of 806 The blend door actuator is easy to replace on your Chevy If you have a broken blend door shaft (the white shaft sticking out of the HVAC  Dorman 902-220 Blend Door Repair Kit in Heater Blend Door Levers. While searching for solutions, I found HeaterTreater. Sometimes you can see that the door shaft is split where the actuator shaft enters it. Average repair cost is $1,200 at 114,000 miles. Sep 06, 2013 · When I removed the actuator, I attempted to open/close the blend door by hand to get hot or cold out of my vents, only to find that the plastic shaft will not turn, so I believe the blend [COLOR=blue !important] [COLOR=blue !important] door [/COLOR][/COLOR] itself, or the shaft that connects to it must be broken. Could that be the one that's clicking? Jul 14, 2014 · I put it all back together, hooked up the wires and checked that it worked OK. If the shaft doesn't move, most likely the motor is the problem. There is a shaft, or plenum, between the blend door and the actuator on top. • If door movement is good: replace actuator. 15. It sounds like the flap you checked. 13. I can see the blend door actuator rod working OK under the dash too, so the system is working- but no floor or screen airflow! Any suggestions? I suspect the actuator shaft may be broken. If the motor burns out or the shaft cracks, the “door” can get stuck in one position, leading to improper ventilation. question. Secure the actuator with the mounting screws and plug in the harness to it. (Fact) The blend door shaft does not break the very next calibration time after A Dodge Ram 2500 HVAC Blend Door Actuator Replacement costs between 2  And maybe, blend door actuator has something to do with it. Install the tumbler back into the column and make sure that it locks in place. so I was trying to fix a problem with the blend door and the arm that is on the end of the flap that fits into the actuator (white plastic) snapped. Step 2: Slide the rod into the steering column. For a broken HVAC blend door actuator, the driver would get hot air instead of air conditioning, or the passenger would receive cool air instead of heating. Try switching recycle to the other way. However, before actually installing the new actuator, try rotating the blend door to make sure it’s moving properly and not binding. See full list on did-it-myself. The blend door actuator (motor) tested good, but the shaft it connected to on the heater box was loose inside the heater box. Typically, the fix requires disassembling the entire dash and replacing the whole plenum box, which can be a costly Oct 23, 2015 · ok, the blend door actuator is located on the heater box under the dash, on the passenger side, locate the actuator, and remove the three screws holding it on, and remove the actuator, then manually turn the shaft on the box and see if yu get hot air coming out, if you do then replace the actuator, we do alot of these for this probolem, it is very common,Tim May 03, 2014 · Also worth mentioning is that I broke the blend door shaft when I unnecessarily removed the mode actuator during the evaporator replacement. I had the problem with my truck and I was quoted 1800 bucks to repair it. You can If you don't get this the door may be broken. Jun 18, 2015 · a while back, i was playing with it, and aeventually, the blend door does not move at all anymore (either broken actuator, or broken door). I have no actuators on passenger side. I grabbed a couple of tiny alligator clip leads and attached one end of each to the connector pins on the actuator. I do not think this is a problem since only the tip of the star-shaped end of the shaft broke, so the end of the broken shaft still fit inside the star-shaped insert in the mode actuator, and I super-glued An electronic motor (blend door actuator) rotates a shaft on a door in the heater box to regulate hot much air passes across the heater core. Part YH-1866 was the wrong part. The A/C electronic blend door actuator contains a reversible electric motor and a potentiometer. Aug 18, 2019 · The 1992 and up models of the Town Car use an electronically controlled actuator (motor and sensor) to position the blend door which allows a varying amount of heated air into the HVAC air flow. I thought it was the blend air door shaft  The plastic drive connector has withstood the full calibration force of the actuator motor and caused the blend door shaft to break. I'm trying to find a way to fix without removing the entire dash. $31. The 2 copper fingers ride on the bottom of the circuit board on 2 metal rails. 95 Aurora 140K, Autobahn, Bose upgrade, custom corners, white led interior, hi-fi taillight mod, *MFA 2/12* Nov 01, 2016 · The 2006 Chevrolet Equinox has 28 problems reported for blend door broken. You could also have a binding blend door. An actuator can become faulty if the plastic gear set turns out to be fragile and it breaks. This is not easy,  After trying to replace the blend door actuator it became apparent that the plastic end that fits inside the actuator has broken off. The only aggravating part of this repair is the antenna cable. It has to be able to close off and direct air flow from the front vents, to the floor, and or the defrost. The problem is use of a plastic interposer to connect the motor to the blend door axle. The cheap plastic shafts can not stand the force heater box and replace the door and shaft to a metal one. 14 Apr 2013 The shaft of the blend door had broken where it meets the actuator. Step 6 - Remove screws securing actuator to blend door shaft. If necessary, rotate the actuator slightly to align the splines on the actuator output shaft with those on the blend door drive gear. insulation, and be rewarded with direct access to the broken part of the blend door shaft. If you have no heat inside your 1997-98 Lincoln Mark VIII and all the vents blow normally, just not warm, then most probably you have a broken blend door actuator. I had to run the motor a little bit, putting the shaft about halfway between stops (which is the way the new one came), then adjust the door about halfway and it will go on the shaft. Application Summary: Dodge Ram 1500 2001-99, Dodge Ram 2500 2002-99, Dodge Ram 3500 2002-99, Dodge Ramcharger 2001-99. The blend door actuator is on US drivers side lowest actuator I removed 2 bolts the shaft coming out of HVAC box is broken flush to box. The motors at least on earlier ones simply lug down to stop when the shaft hits limit whichever way you have it switched. If all circuits check good: remove actuator and check blend door for binding or if door has broken loose from the shaft. Remove the indicated screws securing the actuator. i ask this question because when i removed the old actuator, the plastic part that goes in between the actuator and into the shaft was really stuck. youtube. Gear cracks, shaft spins, gear don't spin. The blend door actuator is located on the side of HVAC housing. If you choose a cabin temp of 80, it lets in less outside air. or the airflow direction as well? Thanks guys, Mike Heater Blend door broken on my 1998 Lincoln town car I put epoxy putty to it when i placed actuator shaft in it. If you go to the opposite side, there is another one for the driver's side hot/cold blend door. A broken blend door actuator is almost as common as a broken blend door itself. Remove four screws retaining A/C electronic blend door actuator to the A/C evaporator housing and remove A/C electronic blend door actuator from A/C air temperature control door. The HVAC blend door motor / air door actuator directs the flow of air in the vehicle’s cabin. Have used needle nose vice grips and tie - Answered by a verified GM Mechanic Then turn the white plastic drive connector the actuator motor was attached to. In my case both the blend door shaft end and the coupler that connects it to the actuator were broken ( see pics) 1. Both products come with a lifetime warranty and I've been manufacturing solutions like these since 2011. There are two platic tabs that broken off the heater box that were there to limit the range of the actuator gear. Properly cleaning such a mess without disassembling everything is still a challenge. Once I got mine out, I found it was indeed broken where the drive actuator engages it. Which it does, but it does not move the blend door/ damper (my best guess, a broken or jammed blend door shaft). After I cut the hole I figured out the drive gear comes off by taking a thin screw driver at about the 11 oclock position from the arm and sliding it under the to Jul 14, 2014 · I put it all back together, hooked up the wires and checked that it worked OK. Remove the screws and lift off the blend door actuator. If the shaft moves but no change in heat, the door may be broken. It is controlled by a blend door actuator, which is a small electric motor. If it's not, plug the motor connector back in and run the ACC calibration until the shaft is positioned correctly. Remove the old door and replace it with the new one, pushing the shaft up, reconnect the actuator motor, and properly index the shaft. Line up the A/C valve lever with the blend door actuator cam; Install the blend door actuator mounting screw to the HVAC module. Use a rotary cutting tool. My actuator was broken and would just spin nonstop in the direction you turned the dial, which caused the blend doors to get all jammed up. Action: In case of a customer complaint of the above condition on a 2002-  4 Feb 2019 Actuator position and temperature values accessed with your scan tool are an actuator to function, or by a door flap or actuator that is broken. How can I check to determine the exact source of the problem? Will check fuses too. its working now but know if will fail again, probably in middle of summer stuck on heat. Step 7 - Secondary actuator removal. Dorman-engineered with robust materials to improve durability and performance, the HVAC Heater Blend Door Actuators restore and maintain proper Hey, I broke the plastic shaft that controls the actuator as well. DL3Z 19E616 A HVAC Blend Door Actuator Replacement for Ford F 150 2009 2014 Ford The blend door has a metal D shaft that the drive gear slides over. Remove the air inlet blend door actuator securing screws (Illustration 5). blend actuator and into the shaft was really stuck. to the shaft of the blend doors. Also slip a bushing over the shaft (compression sleeve plumbing stuff. The procedure is the same for the 1999 thru 2002 models. Every time you turn on the key it will do it turn off the key it will do it after about 5-10 seconds. The new unit's output shaft wasn't in the same orientation. continued operation can sometimes cause the shaft of the blend door to crack. This probably isn't necessary since it likely goes back to the same position when the car is turned off. the 1/2 moon looking  Results 1 - 11 of 11 Step 14: Align the air temperature actuator with the door shaft and rotate until it is in the proper position. The problem is the stepper motor is somewhat stronger than the stop arm and after a while the arm breaks. When it dried, it is shape of actuator motor part Apr 20, 2008 · For those that think that distribution is not related to blend door action: When you have a code 13, it usually is caused by the blend door shaft interfering with the distribution drum in that "crank throw area". Re: Re: passenger blend door actuator repair Hate to resurrect an old topic but I had this same issue in my 07 Sierra. I took off the actuator after removing the glove box and lower kick panel, and found the gear on the end of the recirc blend door to be broken. When turned, the shaft sticking out would catch a little bit, but then would continue to turn a round and around, it should only turn a quarter turn or so. It self-indexes and should drop in. I have one for him to do on the 97 Silver. Nothing to worry about. 6 You will find that the A/C Electric Blend Door Actuator comes out leaving the arm with the broken shaft still attached to the long flat connector between the arms. I think I will have to remove the heater core to get to it. The only other available part on Amazon was a Heater Blend Door Actuator (YH-1865). Twist the door shaft or rotate the linkage to see if the door opens and closes smoothly. 14. One nut on the bottom. Any ideas of what else it could be causing these clicks now? Remove the screws that secure the blend door actuator to the left side of the HVAC air distribution housing. 11. The electronic actuator is bad or the control knob which is a pot is bad. The Lincoln MKT obviously uses the same HVAC system and is subject to the same blend door actuator failures. That equals a blocked heater There was/is a service bulletin for the Passenger side blend door. Figures. Jul 16, 2012 · When the actuator is removed, you should be able to manually turn the shaft of the blend door to line up with the actuator. Get the actuator on the shaft, then line up the actuator mounting holes. It happens a lot and it is a very expensive fix if you take it to a mechanic. There is a replacement Mode or Blend actuator available at most auto Reach up with your fingers, and rotate the mode door linkage shaft to  24 Nov 2012 I had already determined that the blend air door was broken in this a cold start up to fully warmed and The actuator shaft should rotate in a 90  The problem is a part that Ford calls A/C Electric Blend Door Actuator that the A /C Electric Blend Door Actuator comes out leaving the arm with the broken shaft  20 Apr 2008 I had a broken stop arm, but that soon became a broken blend door shaft when I started banging on it with a jeweler's hammer. help, and you will have to press . just quit producing heat one day - you most likely suffer from blend door failure. On all vehicles, align the actuator shaft as follows: Connect the air inlet blend door actuator to the electrical connector, and switch the ignition ‚ON™. Average repair cost is $1,090 at 103,100 miles. Figure 8. Reach inside the case, removing the broken shaft from within. Each actuator is contained within an identical black molded plastic housing with an integral wire connector receptacle (2). The only other way to test the blend door actuator is to test for 12v at connector, but you would have to remove the instrument panel in order to gain access to the actuator Nov 11, 2013 · I think my issue is the blend motor its self. The steering column is not usually separated but unbolted and lowered with the steering wheel to rest on the driver's seat. With a flashlight you should be able to see the blend door shaft move when changing the temp setting. It is a lot of work to removed the blend door from the HVAC case. Dec 28, 2013 · DIY Blend door actuator repair plus dead motor cleaning & photos Finally my wife's '05 Sienna XLE driver side blend door actuator was begging for replacement. Kit includes our blend door actuator driveshaft adapter and detailed instructional. Not my most  20 Jan 2011 How easy is it to replace a broken blend door? Is a replacement blend door Here is a picture of the broken shaft on blend door. Do I cut the box on passenger side like all videos of Grand Cherokee's my box has different shape n no actuators on passenger side. I'm not opposed to cutting into the dash underneath but don't want to hurt anything else if I do. The stepper motor shaft is restrained to 45° by a stop arm on the shaft. A five volt signal is applied to the ends of the potentiometer. 8 6 3 4. and i broke the blend door shaft this is what I'm thinking i broke. The car   The actuator is linked to the vents and a plastic gear set is rotated from left to right by the motor. In other words, the blend door "blends" the air. After the new blend door has been installed, the cut section of the plenum is reinstalled with epoxy or hot glue for strength, and/or sealed with adhesive metal duct tape. Theinside/outside door does not move and I only get air to my chest although I can hear that motor run when I switch the setting knob too. When the blend door stop arm is broken, this interference with the distribution drum occurs on an almost daily basis. Sent from my iPad using my fingers. If not properly aligned, happiness will elude you. 6 Oct 2016 Shaft was broken just like in this picture: Poor Heater Performance Took mine in today for heat, said they had to order a door actuator, going  The concern may be caused by the air inlet blend door being loose on the actuator shaft. Cable Operated A/C Blend Door my A/C blend door is cable operated and i if the blend doors that are cable operated are prone to break just as That allowed the actuator shaft (similar to the end of an extension) to spin  26 Oct 2005 HVAC - Blend door replacement with pictures - Tis' the season for people wanting heat Now, unbolt the steering shaft pinch bolt (13mm), unbolt the shift indicator (5. Where is the blend door actuator located? Remove the glove box and under-dash trim panels to find and replace the door actuator. Jan 04, 2013 · The white one does seem out of the black ones reach a bit and also appears to be stuck like it may be in line with another actuator up stream that I can not see (yet). Cut costs by replacing only the part; not the full assembly; Direct replacement for a proper piece that fits over the shaft of the actuator motor in a 1997 F150 heater box. To lower the glove box. The connector on the blend door actuator  new repair part. I tried to recalibrate the doors by pulling the fuse for a minute, but got the same result: it turns and stays all hot. Hoping maybe someone on the forum may know where I can get one. So it's kinda fixed. AirSept’s Blend Door Repair Tool features The broken blend door is replaced with metal components that are much stronger than the original plastic parts. If it turns more than 90 degrees, the stop tab on the drive connector has broken off and the blend door shaft is broken. removed the actuator and tested it with a 9v battery as shown on Utube and it was bad. 4 hrs. A blend door actuator is linked to an air control door pivot found on the last drive of the unit; a plastic gear set is frequently rotated from one side to another by the electric motor. I removed the actuator and rotated the temperature control from hot to cold and the shaft on the actuator does not rotate. The failure occurs because this pin breaks, putting the force of the motor directly to the shaft of the blend doors. The Ram has a metal blend door and a metal connector on the actuator motor. So just replacing the actuator and pulling the blend doors and cleaning and lubing and placing them in properly did the fix. 6, 7, and 8 are associated with the left blend door. Most late-model cars use Apr 05, 2016 · The clicking could easily be the sound of the door shaft the actuator motor attaches to if broken or stripped. A/C – Heater Control Assembly (partial) 7 8 6 3 4 M Solid State Blend Door Actuator Potentiometer Note: Use a vehicle Nov 26, 2012 · This is the last part of this repair article. If you DIDNT hear the noise be worried because that means your blend door shafts are broken. Step 7: Remove the air temperature actuator screws and the actuator itself from the A/C module. There should be a limit pin on the white plastic axle. The technician can quickly remove the instrument panel front , a knee bolster, some decorative trim and insulation, and be rewarded with direct access to the broken part of the blend door shaft. com/watch?v=GPqhDKiG1EQ How to replace the Driver side heat door actu Sep 30, 2020 · This kit relocates your blend door actuator in the case that your blend door has a broken or sheared off drive. Jan 12, 2016 · Lift up on the actuator until the mount against the firewall on the actuator snaps. GUESS on my part. On-Car Repair. Nov 10, 2016 · Step 1: Install the new actuator into the steering column. The blend door or vent door mixes warm and cool air to be sent to your vents. May 01, 2014 · The design of the new blend door was much improved over that of the all-plastic original-equipment blend door, which had split at the top of the door axle where the square shaft of the door-positioning motor protrudes down into the door axle - apparently this door axle fracture is a common problem in Ford heaters. The hole on the arm has to be lengthened so it doesn't happen again. A/C – Heater Control Assembly (partial) 7 8 6 3 4 M Solid State Blend Door Actuator Potentiometer Note: Use a vehicle specific wiring The blend door is a small panel inside the HVAC system controlled by the blend door actuator. Remove the screws and replace the blend door actuator. In this video I explain how to replace the A/C blend door actuator. I made a REPAIR on the assembly this morning without having to purchase a new part. Then align the shaft of the new actuator to the blend door axle and install. probable broken loose  21 Dec 2007 Blend door failure I did the EATC diagnostic and got the codes 12 & 49or Meaning the door shaft broke and slid down the actuator shaft. Just disconnect the electrical connector, remove the retaining screws and slide off the actuator. Don't feel like taking out  20 Jul 2017 I replaced my Ac Door actuator by the passenger footwell. If both your door drive and actuator shaft are broken, please The blend door shaft is now putting that force onto the edges of the opening in the blend door housing, the computer will then register the rise of the amps from the actuator motor. For information on how to diagnose your blend door problem as well as detailed product information, please click on the products below or use the "Shop" button above. And what causes them to mess up. The blend door actuator is interchangeable with the actuators for the mode-air door and the recirculation-air door. Sep 23, 2020 · 2003 black pre-decontented 300B #5886 of 7838; Born on 10/31/02 MartyO tune, 4:10's, T/A stud & girdle, MMX shaft+DS loop, Metco control arms, Quickor RSB, Addco FSB, Megs delete tips, Granatelli solid coil connectors, NGK plugs & LP 170 stat, DR rear engine cooling mod, PI 3000 TC, Level II tranny, Art Carr deep pan, Steeda pullies/billet caps, billet door locks, Ford Racing oil cap HVAC Air Door Actuator by Dorman®. The stock part numbers from my faulty part were 5F93-19E616-CA and VP5F9H-19E616-CA. Jun 22, 2018 · The MODE actuator turns a cam wheel to various positions: panel / vent, bi-level, floor, defrost. This is a common problem. Without this tool, the shaft would've been broken. It works most of the time but the calibration seems to be off--it works alright if I calibrate it when I start the van. The actuator just snaps together so I pulled it apart to find the plastic shaft the middle gear set on had broken off. 10. That shaft is round with a flat portion on each side. Install the blend door actuator onto the right side of the HVAC air distribution housing. 7 A/C – Heater Control Assembly (partial) 8 7 6 5. Film at 11:00 Recently I was able to repair a broken blend door shaft that had resulted in no heat to the passenger side of my 08 GC with the dual zone system. Once convinced the blend door is your problem, cut the plenum open at the bottom to remove the blend door. Jul 04, 2014 · The door is at rest in the box with a broken shaft. blend door actuator shaft broken

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