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ford 391 head bolt torque 100, 74. These OE replacements are built by MAHLE to meet or exceed the original specifications. (Infographic by OnAllCylinders’ Lori Sams) May 13, 2020 · 200 to 225 horsepower with 282 to 305 ft/lb torque depending on engine code Two barrel or four barrel Autolite carburetor depending on engine code Hydraulic camshaft 289 High performance (K-code) Available from 1963 to 1967 Same block casting as other 289 engines, but with larger two-bolt main caps. 1949 - 1953. I have a torque rotation meter, and would put it to good use here if necessary. Use a bottoming tap to clean the bolt holes and remove all debris from the hole. Rivet Nuts Rivet Nuts and Threaded Inserts Rivet Nuts and Threaded Inserts Overview *parts are equivalent to AVK rivet nuts* We offer a complete line of rivet nuts with a variety of features: splined and non-splined body, large and small flange head, high strength threads and more. (100-110 ft. 7L Powerstroke. 0 HO (302) Head Torque Specs. You also need to make sure the final torque reading you take is while the bolt is still slowly turning. Many modern engines use Torque-To-Yield (TTY) bolts, which can't be reused. Harmonic damper bolt 70-90 ft-lbs. 255-4301: Ford 6. (60 Nm) in the sequence shown. Tighten bolts 1 through 10 to 210 lb-ft. 3 IDI Head Bolt and Stud Torque Sequencing. Long stroke engines tend to produce less emissions (to a point), and more torque at useable RPMs for a regular car. FP538 Head bolt long Ford X/Flow & pre-X/Flow OHV Kent Torque setting 5/20-31/52-56/after 20mins 66-71 lbf ft. Main Torque. 43. FE BBF 427 406 391 361 (551300-BBF01) from ICT Billet and browse through a huge selection of Made in USA LS/LT swap and conversion parts, manufactured at the state of the art plant. thanks BRhurd . BOLT  Replacement Rod Bolt Kit · 1) Thread Size 7/16˝ · 2) UHL 1. Ford 480 cfm four-barrel carb atop a cast-iron intake manifold. Ford Truck 370 429 460 6. . Choose top quality brands APEX, DNJ Rock, Fel-Pro, Felpro, Mahle, Pioneer Cables, VR Gaskets, Victor Reinz. 155-3604: BB Ford Blue Thunder FE 12pt Head Stud Kit. * Includes temperature sender adapter bushing. CRANK BOLT SBD H/Duty (BLT-CRK-DURA-HD) GRAPHITE GREASE UNDER HEAD & WASHER, OIL THREAD STAGE 1 – 74 LB/FT STAGE 2 – 90 Degrees ARP H/Duty (BLT-CRK-DURA-ARP) ARP Lube UNDER HEAD & WASHER Final – 145 LB/FT 2 CAM CAPS STAGE 1 - 5 LB/FT STAGE Torque settings on head bolts Ford Fiesta 2005 1. Ford factory torque sequence must be followed for proper head gasket sealing. 4. 1L 7. 0L that came out of the 1970 mk1 capri? Oct 03, 2010 · Did Ford ever use TTY head bolts in the 351w engines? These are from a '95 roller cam 351w engine I picked up. Step 2: 45-55 ft. lbs. , tighten nuts to final full torque of 50 foot-pounds by following the five steps listed below. Tighten the bolts to between 95 and 105 foot-pounds of torque for the 1975 and 1976 model years. Oct 21, 2016 · But the correct head bolt torque sequence tends to remain constant for each specified engine. 750˝ · 5) Head Height 0. ) Tighten to 15 Nm (133 lb-in. Jan 13, 2007 · alternator bracket-to-Engine block bolt 15-20 ft. 8 3. 100hp (239 cu. Order Ford Explorer Head Bolt Set online today. stand the recommended torque. U UC : 85 . Pressure plate bolts 35 ft-lbs. This eliminates Cylinder Head Bolts. I then loosened all of the bolts without disturbing or removing the head, and started over. ford (imports) application: ft-lbs / ( n-m) axle shaft flange bolts: 28-32 (38-43) axle spindle nut: fiesta: 150-175 (205-235) all others I am about ready to put my rebuilt heads back on and question the procedure in the original Ford shop manual for my 1986 T-Bird. (13mm) 42. 80 1. Tighten bolts 11 through 15 to 31 Nm (23 lb-ft) Injector Clam Bolt Torque- 26ft/lb (depending on installer) Elite uses 36ft/lb. The idea is to reduce thread friction as much as possible so the torque you read is due to bolt tightening and not thread friction. Head bolts in my manual says 65 - 85 - 105. For the non-flanged standard hex head bolts, tighten in two (2) steps as follows: 1)Tighten all bolts in sequence ( Figure 2) to 55-65 ft. BRhurd in Camdenton, MO on . Tighten bolts 1 through 10 to 135 lb-ft. 351W Torque Spec. Torque; Camshaft Sprocket Bolt: 40-45 ft. Automotive (CA) » 391 361 ford. 6 says: Tighten the bolts in six stages in the sequence shown. 867—5. bolt 25 3/8" bolt . 435 2 Cam Thrust Plate Bolts 5/16-18 x 3/4 Cap Screw, Hex Drive 1 Woodruff Key 3/16 x 1-3/4 1 Cam Key 3/16 x 3/4 1 cam snout Spacer 1. 2 12 29 … Ford Ranger 2. Cam Bolts: 40-45 ft. These 12-point bolts have a generous flange head for superior load distribution. 0015” Max Cylinder Bore Taper . 8; Product Class A DIN ISO 4759 Part 1; Specifications and Sizes Dec 19, 2019 · A couple of things have not been mentioned here, so I'll step forward. Be sure not to use too much. 4) ALWAYS USE ANTI-SEIZE compound. 1 6. remove any remaining accessories 3. Cylinder head bolts ( follow factory torque sequence). Ford 4. M-6067-M501280. Oct 30, 2010 · Higher nodularity content in block w/ larger two bolt main caps. 25 x 20 mm | Grade: 9. ) Tighten an additional 75 degrees. 3. Remove the existing bolts and head gasket, retain the bolts labeled 11-15 in the diagram, you will reuse these. Ford V8 Super 6. Rocker Shaft to Cylinder Head - 12 Jun 10, 2016 · any chance anyone can assist with torque specifications for the main and big end Crankshaft bearings as well as the stock cylinder head bolts please? I have used the search function but i am unable to find the info i require. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model Nov 11, 2020 · The 6. CAUTION: The bolts are torque-to-yield, new bolts must be installed or engine damage can occur. This is not the way the manual will tell you how to torque the head but it will work just as good. Both types of bolts may be used on any of the 5. SEQ. 5625 in (115. Torque 7/16” bolts to 65-70 ft. Note: Be sure to lightly oil the bolt threads for proper torquing specs for bolts not in the water jackets, otherwise use liquid thread sealer for the bolts that are in the water jackets (bottom ones). Following the manufacturer's recommended torque sequence tighten the bolts in three equal steps to 70 ft lbs with ARP ULTRA-TORQUE FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT. m) Step 2: Loosen all bolts one complete turn: Step 3: 37 Ft. I would change the bolts to the TTY units. unbolt and remove heads FORD RACING PERFORMANCE PARTS. More on this later. 4L Powerstroke are a direct replacement for the "long" OE factory bolts. 2. These longer bolts must always be installed on the ends of the cylinder head. Cylinder head bolts. Flywheel / flex-plate bolts 75-85 ft-lbs. Actual appearance may vary. Step 4: 63 ft. 00 2006-2009 Dodge Cummins Adrenaline Adapter $ 14. 3 3. Jun 10, 2014 · Here’s the big news: This engine will propel Ford’s new heavy-duty trucks to both a class-leading 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of torque, up from the current 400 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque figures. (85 Nm). Connecting Rod Bolts: 40-45 ft. autozone. Tighten the bolts to between 105 and 112 foot-pounds of torque if the engine was manufactured during the 1973 or 1974 model years. The Ford 390 produced a lot more horsepower than the 409 with its top end performance engine putting out a respectable 401 horsepower in its first year of production (41 more horsepower than the high-end Chevy 409). The short and Long head bolts require additional torque procedure by degree of turn, numbers   2012 ford fiesta 1 6 hatchback specifications carbon. I'm getting ready to buy some head bolts. 015" What should the torque specs (head bolts, mains, rocker bolts) be for a Ford 1710 Shibaura 3 cylinder diesel? Thanks. Then install the nuts onto the bolts and tighten them hand tight. 2L Coyote Aluminum Engine Block ; Fits 2018 "Gen 3" 5. 1 10 25 48 85 137 208 287 398 552 12. 255-3701: Ford 460, w/Blue Thunder heads Head Stud Kit. 0L Ford Tutorials . 8 112 B18A1 90-94 30 FT/LBS 56 FT/LBS 22,61 FT/LBS ACURA 1. Ford acknowledges this and stands behind not using any rocker box hold down bolts. 5 Ltr Diesel 12v with Gaskets and Bolts | eBay The gasket set includes the head gasket, manifold gaskets, rocker cover gasket, valve stem seals. ford fiesta mk6 1 6 head bolt torque settings fixya. Xotic Performance head studs are created using premium steel alloys (XOTIC 7200) that are far superior in tensile strength to a bolt. Ford Small-Block Rebuild: Torque Specs, Sequences, and Alignment - Covers 221, 260, 289, 302, Boss 302, 351W, 351C, 351M, and 400M Small Block Ford Engines. 7 104 B17A1 92-93 14,23 FT/LBS 56 FT/LBS 22,61 FT/LBS ACURA 1. I've also attached the latest updated bolt sequence & torque values for Ford's TTY Bolts from the Ford Shop Manual The Edelbrock #8552 is made specifically for small block Ford V8; Apply oil or suitable thread lubricant to head bolt threads and the underside of bolt heads and washers. Back the bolts off two turns and retighten to 44 ft. Consumer Product Safety Commission, STIHL Incorporated is recalling certain model MS 391 powerheads manufactured between February 2011 and June 2011. 7L Ford Powerstroke High Idle Switch $ 75. 2032” Cylinder Bore Out-of-round . Harmonic Damper Bolt: 70-90 ft. • Bolts and the RH cylinder head • Bolts and the LH cylinder head 4. I agree with the tightening sequence up to step "e" where it states to back off the attaching (Head) bolts 2 to 3 turns. Installation is the reverse of removal. cylinder head bolt tightening sequence: 9 5 1 3 7 10 6 2 4 8 Head removal: (taken from Chilton's) 1. Intake Manifold Bolts: 32-35 ft. 95-105 FT/LBS. ) Model BF engine Only fits the Model BF engine block, no others: Mouse Ears: 100 psi: 5. Intake manifold bolts: 33. It is important to use new bolts and proper torquing procedures during reassembly. I also torque all in 3 stages. Cam bolts 40-45 ft-lbs. Bolt Torque Spec Chart for Ford Engines These specs are for stock-type bolts with light engine oil applied to the threads and the underside of the bolt head. These bolts achieve clamping force by stretching during the torque 2005 Ford 6. All main bolts torque to 95-105 Ft Tighten all cylinder head bolts to between 80 and 90 ft-lb of torque. Notes. b. BOLT 5R3Z6065AA SOLD BY THE PIECE FORD ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD TORQUE, V8 CNG SOHC Naturally Aspirated, 4, V8 FLEX SOHC Naturally Aspirated, V8 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated,FORD ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD TORQUE BOLT 5R3Z6065AA, The engine types may include 4,6L 281Cu. Install the cylinder head(s) and check for binding or misalignment. Other Torque Specifications for 1932-48 V8. 5 liter engine cylinder head bolt torque sequence - click for engine specs and manuals Ford Ranger Engine workshop repair Manual Ford Ranger engine section of workshop manual, 655 pages, Click to download. 255 x . It also says that you should follow the included instructions over the specs on that page. ft Step 3 = + 90 degrees Step 4 = + 90 degrees M8 Fasteners Step 5 = 20 Nm, 15 According to the manual, old bolts should be discarded and new ones used. 3 mm) was lower than that of the Chrysler 392 at 10. NOTE: Ford Racing In some cases the stretching approaches the bolts’ elastic limit, permanently stretching them. Washers included. First and second steps for head bolts: (you get to draw it out on paper) Top row, left to right: 13 - 5 - 4 - 12 second row: 17 - 9 - 1 - 8 - 16 Torque head bolts/studs to specified setting in 10 lb/ft increments, starting at 35-40 lb/ft. Many think it is a dog, some believe it can be massaged easily to be a torque monster. 2 liter Cylinder Head Bolts NOTE: The cylinder head bolts must be discarded and new bolts must be installed. Rocker arms 17-23 ft-lbs. I got my 390 back from the machine shop and its ready to be assembled. 79 BD (1036610) 6. m) 5. 050˝ · 4) Grip Length 0. This engine utilizes fifteen bolts to secure each head to the cylinder block, ten M14 and five M8 bolts. 43. 9 mm). Tighten bolts 11 through 15 to 24 Nm (18 lb-ft). 9 head bolt and stud has a 7/16″ bolt diameter with 14 threads per inch. 56. Be sure to torque in an Nov 20, 2019 · You probably torque the cylinder head bolts in a specified pattern, in several stages each with a different torque force , followed by a final turn or turns of a certain number of degrees. STEP 4: Install the GT-40 heads on engine block and install mounting bolts. If bolt has turned say 15 degrees from where it was prior to loosening, then there is more clamping force on the gasket. Tighten studs 1 through 10 in proper torque sequence order to 88 Nm (65 lb‐ft). My question is, should I just pay the extra $13 bucks a set and get all grade 8 bolt packs ? I'll be getting 5 sets, I do have a HC head along with a police head, but I will also be using standard heads. camshaft thrust plate bolts 9-12 ft. But I always start in the middle and go out in a circular pattern. Crossbolts (406, 427) 40 ft. 2L Boss V8 Head Stud Kit. The bolts must all be the same style  Complete Cylinder Head Torque. Jan 09, 2019 · By far the best factory 351C head is the Ford Australia 4V casting, which has the sweet combination of the 351C-4V wedge chamber with the smaller 2V ports for great low- to midrange torque. Bolts/studs that are being threaded into aluminum should be coated with anti-seize lubricant to prevent thread damage. STAGE, Nm, Lb Ft. 3/8 inch rod bolts Screw in rocker studs w/mechanical lifter camshaft. prevents binding. distributor hold down bolt 20 ft. 90. (I wouldn't go passed 70) Intake Manifold - 23-28Ft/lbs. Then, add another 90 degrees. on the block threads, but you must torque the head before it has a chance to set up. *third pass you torque it to 44 ft lbs. Stage 3: Loosen the bolts a minimum of one full turn. SEQ. 2 PS (7. Recommended max torque is 55 ft. 155-3602: BB Ford Blue Thunder FE hex Head Bolt Kit. Rod bolt length listed here is the measurement from under the head to the end. Ford Power Stroke 7. 5) Torque bolts to 11 ft-lbs on the first pass then 18 ft-lbs on the second pass. Torque in 3 steps using the shown in Figure 1. • Tighten all 10 cylinder head bolts in sequence shown in service manual to 51 ft. Bolts/studs that enter coolant passages should be coated with a thread sealant such as Permatex. This EZ read page is to give the Ford Powerstroke, or Ford Power Stroke head bolt torque sequence for 7. ○. 9 HP (R. These are torque values for a 2000 Ford truck. 0L/6. I am planning on putting the head gaskets on dry unless anyone has any other advice on this. Flywheel/Flexplate Bolts: 75-85 ft. Stage 4: Tighten to 40 Nm (30 lb-ft). They can be picked up pretty reasonable with stock units 390's pushing 320hp and 425 on the torque side. Getting ready to put the Iorn heads on the 390. Cylinder Head Bolts 8-mm Bolts 24 (32) 12-mm Bolts Step 1 26 (35) Step 2 Additional 90 Degrees Step 3 Additional 90 Degrees EGR Valve Tube Fittings 25 (34) Engine Front Cover Bolts 14 (19) Engine Lifting Eye Bolts 21 (28) Engine Mount Bracket Nuts (Lower) 59 (80) Engine Mount Bracket Nuts (Upper) 81 (110) Exhaust Manifold Nut 16 (22) Begin tightening nuts or bolts located in the center of the cylinder head and tigten aleernately toward each end. 5:1 CR race fuel iron d00e-r thanks The MAHLE GS33495 Long Cylinder Head Bolts for your 2008-2010 Ford 6. FO-4 service maual shows a chart. Sep 22, 2019 · Emissions requirements were part of the reason. Ford 8n Bolts found in: Cylinder Head Stud, 4-Piece Hood Bolt Kit, Hood Side Panel (Dog Leg) to axle support bolt, Fan Shroud Screw Kit, Radiator to Front Support Bolt Kit, Upper Side Panel Bolt Kit (Hood Dog Leg), Rim Bolt. Make Liter CID Engine Model Year Rod Torque Main Torque Cylinder Head Bolt Torque ACURA 1. in four steps (30, 40, 50, 65-70) following the factory tightening sequence (See Figure 2). Jul 03, 1989 · Torque the head bolts in three steps. Oct 06, 2015 · Ford Head Bolt Torque Sentences and Specs. CYLINDER HEAD TORQUE BOLT 5R3Z6065AA SOLD BY THE PIECE FORD ENGINE,FORD ENGINE Jul 15, 2015 · First, chase & blow out the block head bolt threads with a tap & air, to make sure the threads are clean & smooth, so you get accurate & even torque on the head bolts. Can anybody please send me via e-mail - what the head bolt torque values are for an 8n Ford and the sequence of tightening. Oil Pump Bolt: 12-15 ft. 10c If no bolts pass through coolant, apply light coating of oil. It does not apply to any SP90 engines. Connecting Rods. Before installing the cylinder heads, it is important to obtain new M14 head bolts; the M8 bolts may be Cam thrust plate bolts 8-10 ft-lbs. m) Step 4: 68 Ft. 0L diesel engines. for Boss 351C) Rocker arms (non-adjustable) 18-22 ft. 64- 79. 370 Truck VIN H. The Dec 04, 2018 · 2013 Focus mk3 1. 2006-) > Ford Workshop Manuals > Mechanical Repairs > 3 Powertrain > 303 Engine > 303-01C Engine - 2. VVT Chain Kits include new camshaft phaser torque-to-yield (TTY) attachment bolts to VVT Chain Kits include new camshaft phaser torque-to-yield (TTY) attachment bolts to ensure proper installation and phaser function; Refer to our online catalog for detailed application-specific information; Keep your engine's valve train in perfect time with Cloyes, the world leader in timing drive systems. The bolts are "Stretch-to-Yield" meaning that they are designed to hold tension at a certain torque - it's also why you shouldn't use them twice. crankshaft pulley bolts 35-50 ft. 6L LML Duramax 2500/3500 - 4" 409 Stainless Steel Diesel Particulate Filter Back Dual $ 391. Cylinder Head to Engine Block (Standard Bolts 1972-1992) Step 1: 55-65 FT/LBS; Step 2: 65-72 FT/LBS With T-T-Y head bolts, the Torque-To-Angle Indicator (Part Number TRQ-1) should be used in conjunction with a torque wrench to achieve proper bolt loading. TORQ. 388˝ · 6) Socket Size  1 Aug 2008 Follow along as a Ford 390 FE engine is built from scratch to FE heads over the 427 version for their smaller chamber and 16-bolt on the dyno's torque link and fuel turbines to ensure accurate results. 5 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET BOLTS TORQUE SPECS SEQUENCE. engine cylinder head bolts main bearing caps connecting rod bolts balancer bolt intake manifold exhaust manifold; 1950-1953 oba v8: 65-70: 80-90: 45-50: n/a: n/a: n/a: 1954-1957 Torque specs I used was 45ft/lbs on the first pass and 65ft/lbs on the second pass (torque then in sequence twice) BE SURE TO USE THE SUPPLIED ARP LUBE it makes a HUGE difference on the torque settings. 1982-71. Counter weight balanced crankshaft. 5 kW; 10. Again, the 289 and 302 are two-stepped (I do three steps) to between 65 and 72 lb-ft. Lbs. First is 65 ft/lb, then 90 ft/lb and finish with 110 ft/lb. I would do 3 steps, first step 30Ft/Lbs, Second. 8 110 B18B1 94-01 15,24 FT/LBS 22, 58 FT/LBS 22,63 FT/LBS Fits Ford Performance M-6010-M52A 5. Do the grade 8's stand up to corrosion better and maintain a better torque setting Ford 2. You can find this tutorial in Spanish here: Especificaciones De Afinación y Del Motor 1996-1999 3. Engine cold, I torqued the head bolts to 110 foot/lbs of torque. 4 Turbo Diesel Engine Sep 20, 2005 · Much has been said about the 60's Ford FE 390 bigblock. 70,80,90 FT/LBS. Move on to next cylinder head and repeat bolt preparation steps 4-6. A recent test of a prototype set of Hammerhead’s castings bolted on a 427ci small-block stroker produced over 600 hp with a streetable hydraulic roller camshaft and 600 lb-ft of torque. I took off the radiator and loosened all the motor mounts and u joint bolts and fuel line wires etc and pulled the engine forward far enough to get the drill over the affected thread and drilled tapped and placed a helicoil. These bolts are meant to be torqued once and discarded. 0 head bolt torque spec. The reference is in the owner’s manual on page 27. Hey everyone, I'm building a stock Ford 460, 1990 model with the E7 heads and Fel-Pro's printoseal head gaskets. Moly and other lubes offer reduced friction and increased bolt tension, which will affect the torque figure. Dual point distributor. Tighten all the bolts in a single sequence to 40-60 Nm (30-44 lb/ft). Very Important Note!Our sales staff has limited technical knowledge on this product and are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. Tighten to 5 Nm (44 lb-in. The 351 develops more compression and horsepower, so it needs more torque on the head bolts. MAHLE fasteners are built to stringent specifications and will meet or exceed factory specifications. Does anybody know what the headbolt torque is for a 390 2bbl in a 1973 F100. A-Arm Bolt Torque? Suspension, Brakes & Chassis: 6: Apr 1, 2017: stub axle bolt torque settings: Transmission The MAHLE GS33693 Cylinder Head Bolt Set is a direct replacement option for the OE head bolts in your 2011-2016 Ford 6. Engine finishing kit Ford 240 / 300 / 4. If i were you i would not use the original 12 point units. Used head bolts are already stretched, and will not give the same clamping force to the head. in three or four steps, following the factory tightening sequence. (92 N. 1978-64 Truck ○. 4L was a juiced up 6. 5. 351W . 5 (04. Reply With Quote 04-19-2011, 07:35 AM #2 of the connecting rod bolt hole to clear the radius under the head of the bolt. My bolts are 7/16-14, and 180,000psi, so my torque was listed at 58lb/ft, with Moly. Cylinder head bolts for ford inline six 223 most egines from 1961-1964 L-6 223 cubic inch cylinder head bolt set late with 1/2 thread 16 pcs cylinder head bolts ford 223 six not all 223 have 1/2 bolts early ones use a 7/16 thread those use part number chbs-1182 Cyl Head Torque 1961-64 105-115 FT/LBS 1/2 bolts only chbs-1210 The head swap required using different pushrods and a fresh set of Fel-Pro 1011-2 head gaskets, but once everything was in place, we were ready to make some noise. They are a, tighten-to-yield design and cannot be reused. Lubricate bolt threads with engine oil, torque them to 30 ft-lbs, then add 90 degrees using a torque-angle gauge. Tighten the bolts an additional 105 degrees. 8L) 12 Valve Ford 2003-96 Truck 1st 15, 2nd 29, 3rd 37,PERFORM THE NEXT THREE STEPS ONEACH BOLT BEFORE MOVING TO NEXTBOLT IN SEQUENCE: 1 For an in depth look at the Ford small six, engine-head-carb swaps, performance upgrades, Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence . Go back over again to ensure all 10 bolts achieve 70 foot lbs, if any one bolt does not reach proper torque reading, keep repeating the torque sequence until all 10 are exactly to specs. 0L DOHC Ford Taurus (at: autotecnico-online. * Includes manifold studs. The following chart shows the head of the bolt, the dimensions, and the proper torque spec. STEP 2: Use the chart below to determine the recommended lubricant, rod bolt stretch and torque amounts. 50 in, (10) 4. FInial torque is 50-55 ft lbs for stud nuts and 65-70 lbs ft for bolts. Front cover bolts 12-18 ft-lbs. Tighten the head studs in the following sequence. Despite the fact that the vertical bolt pattern is the same on most heads, the location of the exhaust port relative to those vertical bolt holes changes from one head casting to another. Harmonic damper bolts 70-90 ft-lbs. The OHV engine is a Torque monster that is based off the old FE engine line, like the 390, 427 and 428. lbs (70 Nm) • Retighten all 10 head bolts in sequence to 51 ft. 0L Zetec, the cylinder head bolt torque specs. Cylinder Head Bolt Torque FORD. Thanks again. Complete the bolt tightening by turning an additional 90º in the same sequence. Also for a standard 351C I found torque specs of 95-105, but for the Boss 351 I found 125 as the torque specs My engine won't have quite the compression of the Boss 351, but has more cam and should make more power. Two-thirds of full torque. backyard 12 Apr 2018 -lbs. 6. 001” Max Piston Skirt to Cylinder Clearance . FEL-PRO®T-T-Y HEAD BOLTSENGINE YEARS FT. V8's) whether Ford or Mercury. Special NASCAR model bolts have drilled heads (one per set) to facilitate tech official's sealing. Like the V-8, it was also a flathead or L-head engine. Kling on Saturday, December 26, 2009 - 06:33 pm:. Stage 2: Tighten an additional 90 degrees. 9 & 7. Front cover bolts 12-15 ft-lbs. ) Property Class M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M14 M16 M18 M20 M22 8. 1 answer & 0 comments. Big Block Ford 390, 427 and 428 (FE) Head Bolt  19 Jun 2006 Getting ready to put the Iorn heads on the 390. Torque head bolts in sequence as shown in the diagram below. 75ft/lbs: Spark Plugs: 102in/lbs: TTR Passenger Upper Engine Mount: 80Nm 90Nm: First is 3 nuts on Motor, second is 2 bolts on Fender Side: TTR Trans Engine Mount: 59ft/lb 35ft/lbs 120ft/lbs Mar 22, 2011 · 1. Intake Manifold Tighten all intake manifold bolts to within a range of 32 and 35 ft-lb of torque. * For valve train kit order FDS464. Order Ford F150 Head Bolt Set online today. SPECIAL TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. I asked this question under another thread and would like more input. Observe the following notes and torques: a. I have a 26 touring and one of the rear block threads stripped. Be careful! the heads of some bolts look similar and some even have the same markings. Our head studs are threaded on top to allow for nut placement which will result in a more accurate torque of the head. remove intake manifold 2. 11-15 ft. lbs. Be careful not to over tighten them or one will break, like this one did: CLICK HERE Yes, I've been there. It would be a shame to have to redo a cylinder head replacement Jan 04, 2018 · Buy a 2004 Ford F150 Timing Chain at discount prices. Intake Manifold Bolts: 23-25 ft. thanks so much: ned nonis: I also am looking for head bolt and rocker arm specs for 1710 3 cyl. Your head bolts are 7/16" diameter grade 6, not 1/2" grade 8. can you tell me what i shoud torque my ARP head studs to? 521 stroker 13. ) Tighten to 35 Nm (26 lb-ft. Apr 11, 2018 · Torque Specs: Main Cap Bolts: 95-105 ft. 10a Apply light coating of grease to surface where bolt meets Head. Lol sorry I should be more specific. I recently fitted my head a few months ago, and the only info I could find on torque settings for the head bolts was 40Nm then 90 degrees. More than a few police interceptors used them, but they are boat anchors above 150K. Aug 17, 2007 · cylinder head bolts: 80-90 ft. Ford Cosworth YB 16v Turbo. 3 IDI Front (Cover) Plate and Water Pump Bolt Torque, Size, and Thread Identification: All front (and rear) plate torques are standard torque for 5/16″-18, which corresponds to 14 ft-lbs. These specs are for stock-type bolts with light engine oil applied to the threads and the underside of the bolt head  Also listed are the torque specs for the Edelbrock Aluminum FE head which is buried in their documentation. head gasket) 5. com ). The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. 6 5. 00 in: Material: Chromoly Complete set of cylinder head bolts for both heads. Cars & Trucks Motorcycles Other Vehicles & Trailers Boats Powersports Parts & Accessories Automotive Tools BOSS 302 CLONE ENGINES - Use Edelbrock Head Bolt Bushings with Integral Washers #9680 in place of washers supplied with your head bolt kit. Torque them again to 30 ft-lbs and add 90 degrees. /lbs. What modification would you do to a stocker? When coupled with an SM18, 18mm socket, the SRD35 can access all of the head bolts eliminating the need to change tools or remove the adaptor during the job. 5 ft. kyle primm Buy ICT - Torque Plate Big Block Ford Edsel 330 to 428 cu. Allis Chalmers . They have the flanged hex head like the TTY bolts used in the later 5. thank you. 800˝ · 3) Thread Length 1. I just checked the ARP website and I recommend downloading the catalog. 0L SPI engine, NOT the 2. ford/mazda fe/f8 - 1005 1022, 1105 1257 Nov 19, 2006 · Head bolt torque 300/6 - posted in 80-96 Ford Truck Tech Support: Does anyone have the torque specs for the head bolts on a 84 300/6. Flywheel/Driveplate Mounting Bolts: 75-85 ft. 9 Ford 6. Free Same Day Store Pickup. 6L 3V Transit 2006. 155-4204: BB Ford 390-428 Ford 460 12pt Head Bolt Kit. Ford uses torque to yield head bolts on the 5. Not just that, from 40Nm to 90 degrees seems to be 220Nm, that's a big frigen jump on each bolt at a time. 0L) engines. 10 Head Bolt Installation. 12 valvesand cylinder head bolts. ft Step 2 = 60 Nm, 44 lb. ). Page 27 of the 80 hp engines shows the bolt tightening schedule and the valve lash settings. Step 1: 59 ft. My included instructions stated 60. It is recommended to initially torque the head in three passes following the sequence above, going from 35 to 45 to 55 lb-ft. injector washers and miscellaneoussmall gaskets. Front Main Bearing. ford/mazda fe/f8 - 1005 1022, 1105 1257 Use thread sealant on any bolts that go into coolant passages. cylinder head bolts step 1 75 ft. Ford did not publish actual torque values for the Model A cylinder head nuts, but the long accepted standard has been 55 lb-ft for a stock head, and as much as 65 lb-ft for a 6:1 high compression head. 6-11 ft. When torquing the stud nuts to 210 ftlbs. 17 in (258. 2:1 By Norman T. (125 ft. 2L 14. Includes bolts for one side only, order qty of 2 for both sides. lbs (88-98 Nm). 7L Cummins Diesel Engines | Cummins' Aftermarket Diesel Engine Replacement Products | Hex Head Bolt 3900630 | Dimensions: M8 X 1. Head Bolt Set. ft (25 Nm) Hi all, I'm in the middle of a head gasket replacement, I've bought a genuine ford au mls gasket for my el xr6, although didn't come with the torque stages, I have rang ford and they reckon they can't find their torque specs etc, so they're no help, and they directed me to southern engine reconditioning so I called them, and told them I had a au mls gasket and they told me 30 foot pound first Torque and Rebuild Specifications for Ford 175 & 183ci Diesel Engines Cylinder Bore Standard Diameter 4. We thought it might be interesting to measure the combustion chamber at the edges to compare. I searched for an answer on the net but didn't turn up anything. 3-6 ft. Hydraulic Lifter Assembly . 18 Feb 2002 FE & FT Big Block V8 (332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 410, 427, 428) - 390 head bolt torque? - Can one of you guys tell me the torque spec on 390  3 Feb 2011 Anyone have a sheet or webpage that has all the torque specs and sequences for a 72 390 engine? thanks! Rich head bolts, 1st 70, 2nd 80, 3rd 80-90 ft. 87 in (276. FT. In 1948, Ford raised the compression of the flathead six (designated H-series or Rouge 226) so that it generated 95 hp (71 kW) and 180 lb·ft (244 N·m) of torque. Jan 30, 2009 · Remember also to REPLACE the head bolts, don't reuse old bolts. Rings won’t seal well and scuffing is likely to occur if the engine overheats. My Ford service manual for 1999 model year 4. 4L Duratorq-TDCi (Puma) Diesel > Description and Operation > Diagnosis and Testing > In-vehicle Repair > Removal > Disassembly > Disassembly and Assembly of Subassemblies > Assembly > Engine I am being 100% honest with you, there is no reason to leave any in. Use the appropriate torque specs for your application. NEVER use Thread Locker such as Locktite on header bolts. After tightening, turn the bolts an additional 90º in the same sequence. 2007-4. and bottom row of bolts to 100 ft. Rocker arms (non-adjustable) 18-22 ft-lbs. Torque the studs labeled 1-10 on the diagram to 175 ft-lb in the proper sequence. They are designed with a certain amount of "stretch" to get the proper clamping force. you going to make three passes * first* pass you torque all head bolts to 12 to 18 ft lbs * second *pass you torque all bolts to 26 to 33 ft lbs. Camshaft Thrust Plate Bolts: 108-144 inch lbs. 22. Tighten bolts 1 through 10 to 150 lb-ft. 255-4306: BB Ford 390-428 Main Bolt The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. 460 1973-99 Truck VIN A, G, J, L. m) Step 3: 63-73 Ft. 32” for 1956 until the end of production of the Y block engine. 9L-300ci-S6 Engine Torque Specs. Apr 25, 2012 · Cylinder head bolt sequence and   3 days ago The torque to yield bolt is a flanged head bolt. m) Step 2: Loosen bolt one complete turn: Step 3: 33-41 Ft. Tighten bolts 11 through 15 to 31 Nm (23 lb-ft). S. 2) Tighten all bolts in sequence ( Figure 2) to 65-72 ft. -LBS. Note: this is commonly called the Ford Small-block V8 pattern, though it is used in some "big block"-sized V8's as well as some V6's and I6's. ft (25 Nm) rear two bolts Steering pump bolts to engine: Torque: 18 lb. They are torque-to-yield designed and cannot be reused. 4 had a totally reconstructed EGR cooler system, bigger head bolts, different turbo configuration, different fuel system, bigger flexplate, and cooling system. crankshaft damper-to-Crankshaft bolt 70-90 ft. Install the cylinder head and tighten the bolts in three stages in the sequence shown: Stage 1: Tighten the bolts to 20 Nm (15 ft. Cylinder head bolts 140 ft-lbs. If you use the TTY bolts the proper torque is 51 LBS + 90-100* additional turn. The Ford 427 block was closer dimensionally to the smaller 392 cu. (50 N. Features: OE Replacement "Long" Bolts Note: Sold as a single set for each side. Most with well built engines and ported heads make around 250-275 rwhp. Sep 19, 2008 · Apply a coating of light oil to the head bolts, then tighten the bolts to 44 ft. (53-58 ft. HEAD BOLT SET. 8 0. Use care to insure that the cylinder head port edges do not intrude in the flow path. The two bolts on the end of each head are longer 7/16”-14 X 4. Main bearing cap bolts to 75 first then 95 second. m) 3) Use small-head 1-inch long bolts for the proper thread bite and ease of reassembly and torquing. Ft. step 2 95-105 ft. 4L). Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. 271 horespower at 6,000 RPM w/312 ft-lb's of torque. (80 Nm). We currently carry 4 Cylinder Head Bolt Set products to choose from for your 2004 Ford Expedition, and our inventory prices range from as little as $46. 7. ROCKER SHAFT. 0L engines ; These increased length, 12mm head bolts provide greater clamping force than previous 5. 194 1 Oil Galley Plug 1/16-27 x 1/4 Internal Hex DriveFKF-4perfect to go with our have cam thrust plates pf-120 for the Ford 240 STEP 3: Position the new cylinder head gasket over the guide dowels on the engine block. Use of 3/4”drive ratchet/torque wrench transmits the high torque necessary to loosen and tighten head bolts, with less strain on the technician. 5L 1968-1999 Head Bolt Kit Set 20 Bolts Both heads | eBay Skip to main content TTY bolts were introduced in some of the older engine designs in the early 1990's. Head-bolt torque can dramatically distort cylinders and cylinders can not be bored or honed accurately if cylinder dimensions change so significantly after assembly. 2L COYOTE 12MM LONG HEAD BOLT KIT. Never used on the 351W or 460, as far as I know. Crankshaft Pulley-to-Vibration Damper Bolts: 35-50 ft. 0 302 engines. My truck makes 286rwhp and 391 rwtq on a 125 shot (Nitrous). Oil pump bolt 25 ft-lbs. ARP bolts are pretty cheap, though The tool allows you to get up to the air box and firewall to loosen and torque the bolts or studs easily. 400 (6. So I was hoping to find pretty much all torque specs but also the correct seqeunces of the mains ( if there is one for that) the cylinder heads and the intake manifold. Back the bolts off 1/2 turn. D Step 3. 40-45 FT/LBS. 1. When tightening the heads I screwed up the sequence. I am changing the head gasket on m 99 ford ranger 3. If you are using factory TTY head bolts then yes you lube them with clean engine oil. Connecting Rod Nut 63 ft. Application: daihatsu dl/dg - 1001 1001. None of my books go past '67. ) Fourth pass Tighten 90 Final pass Tighten 90 this is for 3. Jun 15, 2017 · Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Specifications (DOHC VIN S). 0 engines but the threads do not go up as far. 00 4. Once all are torqued to 40 go back to the first bolt, I back the fastener off the 40 and then torque up to the next progression. * Final head bolt torque is 70 Ft lbs. how To use The fel-pro® Torque Tables™. 401. File Photo. Using the torque sequence (See Figure 1), torque all 7/16: Finish: Black Oxide: Head Drive Type: Hex: Length (10) 3. 110 Ft/Lbs Top Row of Bolts (9, 5, 1, 3, 7) 100 Ft/Lbs Bottom Row of Bolts (10, 6, 2, 4, 8) It's recommended to torque your bolts in several steps. 9 1. Engine torque specifications. While the head bolts are being torqued to the specified value, the technician can use the TRQ-1 tool to accurately measure the degrees of additional rotation required. A re-torque is recommended after the initial star-up and cool-down (allow 2-3 hours for adequate cooling) Finish: Black Oxide: Head Drive Type: Hex TIGHTENING CYLINDER HEAD NUTS ON THE MODEL A FORD O FRONT Beginning at cylinder head bolt #1 and moving in numerical sequence to bolt #2, then #3, etc. FelPro 1020 gaskets and ARP head bolts. Top Answer. Step 3: NOTE: Exhaust Manifold Bolts: 26-32 ft. From the factory Ford uses Torque to yield (TTY) bolts. HEAD BOLT SETPART NUMBERFORD PRODUCTS 6 V6 (CONT. The new one measures about 3/8″ deep on the driver side. 6 7 17 33 60 97 150 201 282 390 10. In contrast to head bolts, head studs are engineered to not stretch. 4,300, 478, 391. horsepower: 10. (55 Nm). Regards Amien Apply black silicone to bolt heads and stud nuts, finger tight Tighten in five stages following torque specs. They contain things like firing order, torque specs, drill and tap information. 250 I6; 255 V8 After all studs have been torqued to 90 ft-lb, Torque them to 125 ft-lb in the proper sequence. They contain things   heads. Step 3. 31. The torque sequence for all three Ford engines can be seen in the photo above. 0 liter in this engine. (45-56 N. Auxiliary shaft thrust plate bolts M6 6-9 Cylinder head bolt M12 80-90 (1 Jan 29, 2006 · Do I need to seal the threads on any of the head bolts on my 1971 302 block? Block number is D10E-6015-AA just to check its a 71!! Ive read in various places that some Ford blocks have the head bolts go through coolant passsages but Im unsure if mine do. Does any one know if they have to be tightened in a specific order. (3. Buy a 1992 Ford Ranger Head Bolt at discount prices. The Service Manual for your engine says the following: Head bolts - 75 Ft/lbs. Say 40lbs, 55lbs and then 65. Jan 26, 2014 · I am replacing the head gasket on my ford 1700 2 cly. 302 Produced in 1968 Cast iron Put a match mark on one bolt head. The intake manifold can be port matched to the cylinder heads using the gasket as a guide. Torque: 1:: 41 lb. Auxiliary shaft gear bolt M10 28-40. 289 V8 (made before August 3, 1964) - had five bolts holding bellhousing to block Later Small Block V8 pattern. 65 - 75 *Some old Ford manuals list torque for main bolts as 130 Ft. For this torque-sequence guide, we’re focusing on Ford 6-cylinder engines. 1 mm). Apply a BB Ford 427 SOHC Head Bolt Kit. Apr 24, 2017 · These new aluminum hemi heads will bolt directly to any small-block Ford from a 289/302 all the way up to 351W as well as Cleveland engines. Cylinder Head Bolts: Step 1: 25-35 ft. Two types of cylinder head bolts  HEAD BOLT TORQUES. 4. IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE TO STIHL CUSTOMERS February 14, 2012 In cooperation with the U. exhaust manifold bolts: 15 ft. 70 : 85 . IMPORTANT: For all Ford Passenger and Truck V8, 260, 289 and 302 (5. More 3. 0 HP) at 3,600 rpm: Max. Which if you can't get a full 90 degrees, it's hard to remember how many degrees you just missed. Note: The specs apply to all Ford and Mercury flathead V8's of these years. PART NUMBER. Reusing stretched T-T-Y head bolts can cause improper or uneven torque, damaged engine threads, and broken bolts, any of which could lead to head gasket failure. Lubricated Bolts and Reduced Torque - Lubrication effect on bolt tension and torque Metric Bolts - Head and Wrench Sizes - ANSI/SO, DIN and JIS bolts Metric Bolts - Minimum Ultimate Tensile and Proof Loads - Minimum ultimate tensile and proof loads for metric bolts with coarse or fine threads Torque settings for bolts Hey, got a question, does anyone here know what the torque settings are for main caps, rod bolts and head bolts are for the v6 Essex 3. May 22, 2013 · The Torque Tables™ indicate which engineshave bolt sets offered in the FEL-PRO product line. Properly align the camshaft at the original TDC position (line up the TDC marks) 44. Anti-seize has a grease base so it helps but a light oil on the threads would be better. If the cylinder head bolts protrude into a blind hole, lubricate the threads of the bolts with ARP ULTRA-TORQUE FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT. recommended you replicate on all bolts – torque symmetry. Tighten bolts 1 through 10 to 200 lb-ft. Step 1. 2001-12-14T17:50. 3L Head Bolt Torque Sequence Well getting ready to start working on the 2003 Excursion's replacement engine. in. camshaft sprocket bolt 40-45 ft. - first torque bolts to 51 ft-lbs, then re-torque in order another 90-100 degrees. First all regular "hardware store" 7/16" bolts have 5/8" heads, not 11/16" like the original Fords (8BA bolts and the earlier nuts). thats the final torque. The Ford FE's deck height of 10. 2011-2015 Chevy/GM 6. Also retorque after running for a while and retorque when engine is warm. Thank you. The torque specs for the head bolts of the standard 390-428 is 80-90 foot-pounds. fiesta zetec 1 25 tourqe settings help ford fiesta club. 9L & 6. 6L). Fastener Type - Torque Spec Main cap bolts 95-105 ft-lbs Connecting rod bolts 40-45 ft-lbs. ENGINE. 3L engines. 85mm washer. ford/mazda wec - 1005 1183, 1105 1193. 5 mm {5. My service manual has connecting rods at 52 ft-lbs first step, 80 ft-lbs second step. Dec 14, 2001 · Dec 14, 2001 #3. 2L bolts; Kit includes 20 high strength torque to yield bolts ; For complete Head Changing Kit for 5. 0L and 5. It The 390 V8 engine was first introduced in 1961 and was Ford’s chance to jump ahead of the all-new Chevrolet 409 that was introduced later the same year. remove exhaust manifolds 4. 9 liter inline six cylinder engines 2 cylinder Head to block Dowels . This bulletin is being revised to reflect changes to the head bolt torque sequence originally published. Tighten bolts 1 through 10 to 245 lb-ft. The torque is the same but you should use a flat washer between the head and bolt. 1932-36 Standard Production 3 inch bore head Model B, 3 bolt water pump Inch 7/8-18 spark plugs This head was produced by Ford England for the 2. 6 tdci 8v (dv6c - t1tb) Need the torgue settings for cylinder head bolts please. These are three-stepped to between 95 and 100 New cylinder head bolts must be installed. When I’m replacing head gaskets on these engines, I always break the head bolts loose with a breaker bar to relieve the torque, then remove them the rest of the way with an electric screwdriver. We removed all the head bolts and pulled the head off. One use only engines for practical purposes. when he brought them to me it didnt have them. 10b If a bolt passes through coolant passage, apply gasket sealer. Jan 15, 2020 - If you do anything automotive and are a performance enthusiast you will need to use this collection of these reference pages. for 406 and 427) Cylinder Head Bolts: 80-90 ft. 0 vin code U since you did not give us the engine Torque Specifications. Don't know if the 9n has a sequence to torque the head bolts nuts. 6745 x . 2013-01-09 10:58:28 Feb 20, 2020 · Some head bolts can be reused while others can't. 0085” Main Bearing Cap Bolt 120 ft. Full torque (50 foot-pounds). Edelbrock Ford cylinder heads offer “out of the box”bolt-on performance galling in the cylinder head, and torque to manufacturers specification for alu-. a Step 2. 0L OHV) Step 1: 59 Ft. Bolt Location: Torque Setting Ft. -lbs. 6i duratec engin as well as the procedure on the timing? Asked by Wiki User. Pre-X/Flow uses 10 long head bolts, X/Flow 8 long, 2 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 6 mm) compared to the Chrysler 392's 4. Tighten bolts 1 through 10 to 180 lb-ft. [3] Press the bolts into the connecting rods and install the rod caps. On top of low prices, Advance Auto Parts offers 2 different trusted brands of Cylinder Head Bolt Set products for the 2004 Ford Expedition. i had to replace my cometic head gaskets with the ford racing gaskets basic remov heads and left studs in place but during assembly i only had 15w40 oil avalible, i torqued to 140 ft lbs as per ford manaul. 85-100 HP: 60 HP: Main Bearing Bolts or Nuts: 80-90: 65: Cylinder Head Nuts (cast iron heads) Oct 18, 2015 · 1967 - 1972 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Need info on 391/429/534 heavy ford truck engines - Can anyone advise me on HP and torque ratings on these motors? I'm looking at a 1970 Bluebird 31 foot motorhome using the 391 gas engine backed by an allison MT40 model C6TA auto tranny (6 speed). and sequence are as follows: Install the cylinder head assembly and tighten the bolts in the following sequence. FORD PRODUCTS 6 & V6 (CONT. Pressure Plate Bolts The three bolts in the center under the rocker shaft remained the same 7/16”-14 X 4. Shop for Dodge's 1995 - 2013 5. The 6. The head bolts are not your problem, the head gasket is. Jan 25, 2020 · Steering wheel bolt Torque specs? Maintenance, Warranty Issues & Troubleshooting: 2: Apr 26, 2018: Valve cover bolts torque specs needed: Maintenance, Warranty Issues & Troubleshooting: 6: Jul 7, 2017: Lower Chassis/Tie Brace. Get the block, head gasket & head mating surfaces squeaky clean & keep it that way when setting the head in place. 65-70 ft lbs. C. Do you think I damaged the head Aug 21, 2009 · 2000 ford explorer 4. I would imagine Ford had a reason for using this larger sized bolt head and the "traditional" headbolt covers (acorns) won't fit them. Popular Answer. Most will be applicable to model years 1999-2003. Stage 2: Tighten the bolts to 40 Nm (30 ft. ) Second pass Loosen bolts one full turn Third pass Tighten to 30 Nm (22 ft. CAMSHAFT CAPS TORQUE In this video we will explain what we use for cylinder head bol The original in the book is small an not very useful while actually doing the job. Repairing one requires re-machining everything and all-new head bolts. Step 60Ft/Lbs and the final torque value. Step 4. 2L applications, see M-6067-M52B DO NOT use torque specs for off-the-shelf ARP bolts. If you're not going to be using a power adder or higher than stock compression ratio, feel free to reuse the stock bolts, and use Ford's torque specs. Step 3: 40 ft. Intake Manifold. 50, 37. Other Torque Specifications for 1949-53 V8 FORD TAURUS FUSION 3. 0L Race Engine Torque Specs (lb-ft) Main Cap Bolts 75 Oil Pan Bolts 8 Rod Cap Nuts 35 Head Bolts 85 Front Cover Bolts 13 Rocker Cover Bolts 5 Crankshaft Pulley Bolt 28 Water Outlet Neck Bolts 15 Camshaft Pulley Bolt 35 Intake Manifold Bolts 15 Jackshaft Pulley Bolt 35 Exhaust Manifold Bolts 15 Flywheel Bolts 50 Carb to Manifold Nuts 15 remove all traces of the head gasket. Step 2. 4L/6. Head. Feb 01, 2017 · Cylinder Head Torque Specifications February 1, 2017 Posted by Nate Cooper All , Flathead Engines , Technical Information , Valves, Cams and Heads Please note that the following specifications and related information are derived from a variety of sources (including Ford shop manuals and industry shop manuals) which may show slightly different Jan 15, 2012 · 41. 8 Cylinder Head Torque Specs. 6) Retorque after a full warm-up cycle. besure to use torque sequence guide or photo. Install the cylinder head on the head gasket and loosely install the bolts. starting out you have to replace the old bolts due to stretching. 4-stroke, L-head, single cylinder: Displacement: 391 cm 3 (23. Ford Courier WLT Cylinder Head 2. Mar 25, 2020 · Chasing damaged head bolt threads with a die will clean up the threads but also remove material (metal) and undermine the head bolt's ability to torque down and hold to specs. Orient the crank shaft to position the pistons & the camshaft Jan 15, 2020 - If you do anything automotive and are a performance enthusiast you will need to use this collection of these reference pages. Here is a diagram of some important bolt identifying features. As for the pattern, start with the center 2 then do a criss cross pattern from the center out to the edges. ft (55 Nm) front 4 bolts 2:: 18 lb. TORQ. Dec 30, 2010 · The complete instructions are available for free at www. daihatsu dl/dg - 1001 1001. Use the proper lube too! Clean the threads with a thread chaser (not a tap or die) and use some antiseize on the threads, shank and between the bolt head and washer. Lubricate the bolts with engine oil before installation. Edelbrock Performer Ford FE Aluminum Head Torque Specifications. lbs (75-88 Nm). 0 0 1. Torque top row of bolts to 110 ft. Dont forget the washers. You will need to torque each bolt at least four time each starting with about 30 foot lbs for the first time and going up at 20 additional pounds for each additional torque setting till you reach about 100 foot lbs per bolt and do that twice. If using engine oil instead of moly lube, the final torque must be 160 ft-lb. first generation Chrysler FirePower Hemi; the Ford FE's bore spacing was 4. 905 in} Maximum length: 150. Tighten all cylinder head bolts to between 80 and 90 ft-lb of torque. If you do not have a Ford Performance Account and would like to create one, 5. A. 95-105. A factory service manual or probably even a Chiltons/Haynes should have the exact procedure. 63 in (117. Cylinder head bolts 90-100 ft-lbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. diesel and need to know the pattern to tighten the head bolts and torque. BHJ Products Ford Torque Plate - 352-428 FE V8 Specify Engine Model at checkout in the comments box. Wiki User Answered . Cylinder Head with valve guides …final machining of valves to match the guides/seats. Dec 07, 2011 · 6. Ford 2300 SOHC . Oil the new head bolts (all the way up the threads) and insert all ten of them into their holes. Cam Thrust Plate Bolts: 8-10 ft. MSRP $120. Put a light coat of motor oil on the head bolts before installing them. Nov 28, 2016 · 1991-1994: Cylinder Head Torque Specifications; Step 1: 59 Ft. (hot). Apr 12, 2018 · Torque Specs: Main Cap Bolts: 95-105 ft. They can be identified by the SIX SIDED HEAD. Step 2: Loosen the bolts one full turn. 100-110 Horsepower V8 with Cast Iron Heads. ford/mazda wl/wlt - 1005 1024, 1105 1077. 0 v6. The gasket for these bolts is slightly different than the others. (80 N. 0L engines. These are "torque to yield" bolts. After re mig welding the drive and grinding back the weld flush to the surface, it completed the job. dean sharkey: looking for head bolt torque on ford 1710 shibaura engine. Personally i never torque over 80 lbs with the stock bolts. The original head measured over 3/4″ in the (follow factory torque sequence) 105 ft. Ford Super Duty Torque Specifications 2000 Ford F250 Torque Specifications. Lubricate the under head of the bolt and the washers with ARP ULTRA-TORQUE FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT. Regardless of your engineering degree level, the reason that torque specs are given in terms of dry versus oiled are that you can snap a head bolt if you use a dry torque spec on an oiled bolt. Remember that this only applies to Ford Lehman 4 cylinder 80 hp engines. avoid drips or runs, smooth light coating Bolt head mark I Standard length: 149—150 mm {5. besure to use new bolts lubricate new bolts in oil. YEARS. The old cast iron low head on the bench next to the new aluminum head. Late type fitted from approx 1989. ALL ENGINES - A re-torque is recommended after initial start-up and cool Do as DavidH25 suggests - I know, the bolts make funny sounds and it seems wrong to torque Head Bolts this way but it is the proper procedure. Page 24 has all the torque specs for head bolts. Rocker Arms: 17-23 ft. Posted by Phil Schneider on November 19, 1999 at 07:14:13 from (209. Naturally aspirated it makes 196 rwhp and 254 rwtq. Loosen all head bolts a minimum of one full turn. I've copied a couple of the previous replies to here as well. 99 Check the tag to find the rod bolt part number used to fasten your connecting rods. 70. 200 I6 1978-1983 only, partial (4 of 6 bolts) pattern. com just sign up and put in your vehicles info and choose repair guides, Also my instructions say the cylinder head bolts must be replaced when replacing head gaskets on this vehicle. to replace the broken exhaust bolts and re install everything back together Torque Specs used Cy Rod Torque. The fel pro gaskets do not like to be over torqued. 0 Factory head bolt Torque and Seqence I always install H11 or ARP's but i have a guy that just wants factory head bolts back in but i need the torque and seqence for them. Stage 1: Tighten to 40 Nm (30 lb-ft). Should I torque them to 90ftlbs per stock spec or go to 110ftlbs with the ARP fasteners. Answer. Installation of new guide dowels may be needed. 0075 - . Torque Rating: Notes: Exhaust to DP: 30ft/lbs: Intake Manifold: 14. * Includes adapter bushings if needed to fit both 7/16" and 1/2" head bolts. Cylinder head bolts First pass Tighten to 50 Nm (37 ft. FE. Should I torque them to 90ftlbs per stock spec or go to  Cylinder Head Bolts. • Use the new “Torque Plus Angle” procedure as follows only for new head gasket and bolts. If using a new head gasket: 1. 30 Mar 2020 how to remove a ford FE cylinder head. Unlike the cylinder head bolts, the rocker arm nuts may be tightened to their final torque specification individually. (70 Nm). There is no need to lube the studs going into the block. 516 x 1. Specifications vehicles, all Ford Products vehicles, and all General For torque-to-yield applications, head bolts are torqued 391 (6. All the help will be highly appreciated. This is incorrect. Techline 1-800-367-3788 Page 3 of 4 IS-1850-0283 Factory Ford shop manuals are available from Helm Publications, 1-800-782-4356 5. 06”. Jul 20, 2015 · We cannot be held responsible for rod bolt stretch when an uncalibrated torque wrench has been used. The ARP Fasteners website might have the procedure too. for 1963-1967 427) Rocker Arm Shaft Bolts: 40-45 ft. (85-99 N. OnAllCylinders has created a series of quick-reference infographics containing the torque sequences of several engines makes. 0L/5. Loosen the bolt, take it out, clean bolt and threaded hole, reinstall bolt, tighten to final torque in manual. Apply clean engine oil to the threads and the seat face of each bolt and install them. ford  Bolt Torque Spec Chart for Ford. Is the 125 pound torque setting the one to go with? Mar 29, 2007 · Assuming you are working on an Escort equipped with the 2. 1 2. I have a haynes manual wich gives the torque values but it doesn't specify if there is an order in wich they have to be tightened. Then step "f" states to repeat steps "a" Torque setting 20-25/45-50nm/+170-180 deg. I don't think the intake will levitate, so you will need to remove it first. August 21, 2009. Nov 19, 2010 · ARP Head Studs, Main Studs, Rod Bolts Torque and Stretch Specs By admin on November 19, 2010 in Technical Articles This is information that you can never find when you need it so here is a table for the ARP Head Studs, Main Studs, and Rod Bolts Torque Specifcations and Stretch Specs. Left Hand Cylinder Head M12 Fasteners Step 1 = 25 Nm, 18 lb. Make sure to tighten the bolts in sequence in six stages. Intake manifold bolts 25-30 ft-lbs. Oil Pump Bolt: 23-28 ft. Here's page 21-23-32 of the 1972 Ford Truck Shop Manual. This can be printed out on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet and used while torquing down the head bolts. Look at matchmark so see if it is in a new position. 260, 289, 302 . 6 97 D16A1 86-89 23 FT/LBS 40 FT/LBS 22, 47 FT/LBS ACURA 1. • Install all 10 head bolts into the block, finger tight. 99 up to $72. 63):. on the final step of torque the tig weld on the driver broke. Socket Head Bolt DIN 6912. Cylinder Head Bolts: 90-100 ft. 5/16 in. 391. [4] Use ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant to lubricate the threads of the bolt and the nut face. * Valve lash gap is 0. 86 cu-in) Max. The local Ford dealer says they have no such listing. torque (crank PTO) – Fuel system: Carburetor (Kohler or Walbro, fixed main jet or adjustable main jet) Cooling system: Forced-air: Ignition system: Magneto or battery or breakerless ignition system: Lubricating By Diameter and Material (Torque Values In Ft. Fastener Type Torque Spec Main cap bolts 95-105 ft-lbs Connecting rod bolts 40-45 ft-lbs. 0L and Ford had tried to address a lot of the failures of the 6. )232 OHV (3. intake manifold bolts 21-25 ft. in. By Royce Peterson on Saturday, December 12, 2009 - 03:19 pm:. Any FE header physically bolts to any cylinder head (with the possible exception of the 390 GT). (60 Nm). 925 in}. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. for Fixing Set FL10; Hardness class 8. Intake Manifold Bolt Kit 12Point Head Material Black Oxide 391 361 ford. Over the past dozen or so years, I’ve probably replaced the head gaskets on at least 100 Subaru engines. Stabilizer brace to chassis bolts (leading edge of stabilizer, bolts in behind bumper support beam) Position the lower load path bar and install the new lower load path bar retainers. Tighten the bolts in two or three steps in the order shown in the figure. ford 391 head bolt torque

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